My forever friend

Maggie died on June 17, 2020. My heart is broken. She was the dog of my lifetime. Some may understand. I feel I have lost a dear friend. Maggie and I had a relationship, a deep, knowable, living, loving connection. For nearly eleven years, after school and practice and bedtime stories and baths and homeworkContinue reading “My forever friend”

Gum doesn’t work.

With Ironman Chattanooga almost two weeks in my rear view, I hasten to document the experience of taking my body over 144.6 miles by water, by wheels, by feet. I am starting with thank you: God.  For blessing me with a healthy, mobile body and a heart for endurance. For the beautiful planet we inhabitContinue reading “Gum doesn’t work.”

3 things that are working for me.

I am tired.  I need to get away.  That is all.  I am blessed a million ways from Tuesday but I am feeling beat.  I have heart, people but no gas in my tank.  I am tired all the time and I am not pregnant or training for an Ironman.  Though I only work part-timeContinue reading “3 things that are working for me.”

Mutts make the best beeyatches

Here’s how Sunday went down. (Spoiler:  it was a good one.) I awoke at 5:30 to prepare for Amy to join me in our weekly communal Sit Fest. If you have read a few of my posts over the last month, you may recall that my friend and I propelled ourselves into a Zen MeditationContinue reading “Mutts make the best beeyatches”

I saw my therapist today

As you might imagine – given the nature of this blog – I am a big believer in therapy.  I love the whole bit.  The couch.  The kleenex.  The tea and the tears.    I have accessed some deep healing from traditional talk therapy with very gifted practitioners.  I became fascinated by the depth and breadth ofContinue reading “I saw my therapist today”

The tourniquet effect

Spoiler:  My nightmare came to light; someone limped out of my class yesterday.  During yesterday’s Yoga class my goal was to open and heal the hips.  Women especially hold a lot of tension in their hip joints – both emotional and physical stress.  It comes from past injuries, misalignment, incorrect posture, bad habits and evenContinue reading “The tourniquet effect”