Sweet Sixteen

Sweet 2016. This year my daughter turns 16. Her behavior is not always sweet (what teenager’s is??) but her heart and soul always is so. She is intense and beautiful and deeply feeling. A thinker. She is my teacher of patience and compassion. She reminds me to always do and be better.  Just when I thinkContinue reading “Sweet Sixteen”

My gourmet 20-miler

For real?!!  Yesterday was my 7th 20 mile run and it was by far the most hype. It included: 2 heated bathroom breaks with no line on clean commodes with toilet paper a shot of wheatgrass and fresh juice at mile-14 an offer of fresh peppers dipped in humus a suggestion to stop at 7-11Continue reading “My gourmet 20-miler”

Do you think I’m pretty?

Oh for god’s sake.  Can MMY be more self-involved?  I take selfies at work instead of writing research proposals.  (shhhh, I need my job.) My new mantra:  Strong is the new skinny. Not a petite person but related to several and friend to many, I have always had a negative body image.  The overly blessed bosom thatContinue reading “Do you think I’m pretty?”


I miss writing.  I miss my blog.  Whenever there long breaks between posts (like now) I freeze.  I want to come out of the gate with award winning prose and momentum that attracts followers and accolades alike.  I lose my authentic drive to write – because I love to.  I love words.  I am inContinue reading “Reweaving”

Yoga at the Boston Finish Line

Like so many of us, I am shocked and stunned by the terror at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  I am sick to my stomach over the grievous injuries sustained, life lost and shattered dreams caused by unfathomably dark human minds.  The fear left behind to ooze through the veins and psyche of innocents isContinue reading “Yoga at the Boston Finish Line”

13.1 Reasons to go for it

Dear Running, It’s obvious we’re at a cross roads in our relationship.  We’ve known each other for so long.  When we met in college, I was attracted to you because with your help, I could drink beer and not acquire the jiggle in my middle.  (Thank you for that.)  For years afterwards, we dated casuallyContinue reading “13.1 Reasons to go for it”