Miami Madness

Finishing the 2014 Lifetime Miami Marathon is by far the hardest physical thing I have ever done including drug-free childbirth.   I did it.  I ran 15 miles in tremendous pain.  The end. The bigger, better aspects of the race report include this: 1.  My sisters gave me their marathon.  They stayed right with me throughoutContinue reading “Miami Madness”

Some pictures of pure joy

Have you ever seen a dog smile?  I am one of the lucky ones whose chocolate lab exposes her pearly whites in abundant love.  While my family was vacationing in South Carolina, my dear friend and fellow animal-lover (actually she puts me to shame) stopped in to check on my Maggie and was gleefully greetedContinue reading “Some pictures of pure joy”


I miss writing.  I miss my blog.  Whenever there long breaks between posts (like now) I freeze.  I want to come out of the gate with award winning prose and momentum that attracts followers and accolades alike.  I lose my authentic drive to write – because I love to.  I love words.  I am inContinue reading “Reweaving”

Mariah Carey made me touch you

I am from a family of huggers on my Mother’s side.  When my aunt met her brother’s future in-laws she said: “They are the huggingest bunch of people I’ve ever met” It’s true.  I inherited the trait and I NEVER EVER LET GO FIRST.  The human puzzle pieces fitting nicely together in a cushy sealContinue reading “Mariah Carey made me touch you”