Good to Great Friday

It’s Good Friday.  Having grown up Catholic with 13 years of parochial school under my belt, I know how to have a good Good Friday.  Customs include:  Fasting for the day Adoration of the Cross Worldwide silence at 3 PM (the noted time of death of Jesus) As I have done for many of the pastContinue reading “Good to Great Friday”

Miami Madness

Finishing the 2014 Lifetime Miami Marathon is by far the hardest physical thing I have ever done including drug-free childbirth.   I did it.  I ran 15 miles in tremendous pain.  The end. The bigger, better aspects of the race report include this: 1.  My sisters gave me their marathon.  They stayed right with me throughoutContinue reading “Miami Madness”

I am dilated to about 4

Like birth stories, I never tire of race stories.  Ever.  I love your gory details of sweat and push and finish.  I want all of it – how was the labor, the big day prep and your spouse?  How did your body and its functions feel?  Take your time, tell me all of it – IContinue reading “I am dilated to about 4”

My gourmet 20-miler

For real?!!  Yesterday was my 7th 20 mile run and it was by far the most hype. It included: 2 heated bathroom breaks with no line on clean commodes with toilet paper a shot of wheatgrass and fresh juice at mile-14 an offer of fresh peppers dipped in humus a suggestion to stop at 7-11Continue reading “My gourmet 20-miler”

How to get past mile 15 and 5 Holiday Yoga Poses

It’s 6:20 a.m. Christmas Eve.  I am preparing to go on a 5 mile quickie.  I entered the Virginia pre dawn chill to retrieve the paper atop my driveway and thought of those 3 wise men traversing the mountains for days to meet the Man of All Time (he was a baby then).  What didContinue reading “How to get past mile 15 and 5 Holiday Yoga Poses”

Mariah Carey made me touch you

I am from a family of huggers on my Mother’s side.  When my aunt met her brother’s future in-laws she said: “They are the huggingest bunch of people I’ve ever met” It’s true.  I inherited the trait and I NEVER EVER LET GO FIRST.  The human puzzle pieces fitting nicely together in a cushy sealContinue reading “Mariah Carey made me touch you”

I fell in a manhole

Who does that?  Disclaimer:  Whereas I don’t expect any one run, workout, race, meal, or yoga practice on any particular day to mean anything to you – unless it was a doozy – I couldn’t resist posting about my fall into a manhole yesterday morning.  Mostly it makes a great headline! Here’s how it wentContinue reading “I fell in a manhole”

Ooh-oo child, things are gonna get easier

I was sitting at a stoplight twenty some years ago with the dull ache of a recently broken heart when this song came on by the Stairsteps 5.  After weeks of wondering if I’d ever feel better, this 1-hit wonder band set me free with this: Ooh-oo child, things are gonna get easierOoh-oo child, things’llContinue reading “Ooh-oo child, things are gonna get easier”

For my Mom and Dad in heaven

One year from today, my 3 sisters and I are running the ING Miami Marathon.  We are 4 of 6 lucky souls that landed with Kathleen and Homer Handy.  Our time with them was shorter than most – they died 8 years apart each suddenly each too soon.  We miss them every day.  Living withoutContinue reading “For my Mom and Dad in heaven”

How to have more glue

One of my sister’s old boyfriends told her she was lacking in ‘sticktoitiveness’ Besides the fact that I wanted to punch him in the mouth for hurting her feelings, he couldn’t have been more wrong.  This is a woman who received academic scholarships to UVA, William and Mary, and VCU, danced up and down theContinue reading “How to have more glue”