3 things that are working for me.

I am tired.  I need to get away.  That is all.  I am blessed a million ways from Tuesday but I am feeling beat.  I have heart, people but no gas in my tank.  I am tired all the time and I am not pregnant or training for an Ironman.  Though I only work part-timeContinue reading “3 things that are working for me.”

Plateau? Push on.

The following contains excerpts from a bull’s-eye blog post written by David Garrigues, Philadelphia yoga extraordinaire.  You could replace each yoga reference with “running”, “writing a book”, “living with gusto”, or any other intentional endeavor.  Please read.  Please read again.  My sincere wish is for This to pick at you like it did me.  PowerContinue reading “Plateau? Push on.”

Mr. October

Nearly 20 years ago I was flirted with by Mr. October. Not this one.  In the process of writing this post I learned that there really was a major Mr. October, more famous than my suitor from 1993.  My Mr. October was a fire fighter that I met during my sister’s bachelorette party. A bunchContinue reading “Mr. October”