Signs, signs, everywhere the signs

Race Report


Another Half Marathon is in the books – number 7.  Far from my best and a little ways from my worst in terms of time but my aftermath attitude is better than any.  I was scared until the gun went off because I knew I was undertrained by anyone’s standards.  I realized that since my Ashtanga Yoga Retreat in September, I really had not been doing the long runs. I experienced strong short ones and did lots of core work and yoga. But here is no substitute for time on your legs.  So, I dropped my expectations and showed up thinking I knew I would finish.  The rest was up in the air.  And that was okay. 

Because I didn’t wear my Garmin (broken) and had no strict time goals, I enjoyed (almost) every step.  One aspect of race experience I love is reading the signs along the way.  I’ve decided the nicest, most clever, and nastiest (but funny) people make posters and line race courses.   Here are some favorites from Saturday:


  • Smile, if you peed a little.  (I saw 2 runners getting their picture taking in front of it when I passed)
  • It this were easy, it would be called:  ‘your mom’.
  • Camel toe check here.
  • Chuck Norris never ran a marathon.
  • You don’t sweat brown.  (ewww.)
  • You’re almost finished.  Go faster.  ‘That’s what she said.’

Hand’s down, my very favorite parts were:


Seeing my youngest, Jane at Mile 10.  (Thanks, Larry!!!)



Seeing, Megan


Mike Richmond 2012 a

Knowing my husband (blue shirt/black shorts, nice butt) was rocking his race (way) ahead of me.  (Thanks, Larry!!)

I wasn’t just trying to get through this one.  I was enjoying most aspects of the journey.  So much so I know I have another full marathon left in me.  Just one more.  That’ll be three, to match my children.  And maybe a half ironman.  (There, I said it.  Again.)

Here are some parting thoughts on the 7th 13.1:

  • Marrymemile4 – loved seeing the street where my sister lives
  • Marrymebaldmaninfrontofme – inspired by your tenacity and persistence
  • Marrymefatherdaughterteam – touched by your bonding method
  • Marrymewobble – for being a nasty line dance that gets me going when the lyrics say:  ‘big girl, back it up’
  • Marrymeproffitts – for getting my Jane down there, picking up Nick, having lunch with us and being the greatest friends
  • Marrymedjatmile11 – love you for your funking bass and playlist that makes the pope blush.
  • Marrymepartypeoplegivingoutbeertorunners – love your zest and hospitality.  (No thank you, I waited until the end!!)

I loved 13.1 but I still love yoga more:  Marry Me Yoga?


In case you’ve read my last few posts about Amy’s and my journey to Zen meditation – I sat on my zafu the day of and the day after my race and every day for the last 21 days.  Enough to start a new habit.  There’s something special happening here.  The signs are everywhere.


Have you gotten a sign lately?

13.1 Reasons to go for it

Dear Running,

It’s obvious we’re at a cross roads in our relationship.  We’ve known each other for so long.  When we met in college, I was attracted to you because with your help, I could drink beer and not acquire the jiggle in my middle.  (Thank you for that.)  For years afterwards, we dated casually and like a loyal mate, you stayed nearby.  You helped me with that ‘fat gene’.  After other fitness suitors and few rounds of running celibacy (for god’s sake, ‘walking’ is nothing like your fine self) we found each other again with a vengeance 4 years ago. 

We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other.  We were pasted together like the soul mates we are.  In 18 short months I ran 2 full marathons and 4 halfs.  In the coming 2 and a half years 3 more half marathons a  number of 10k rendezvous.  Face it.  We were a hot item.  Then I froze with fear that you’d leave me.  That I wasn’t good enough for you.  That I was a fraud.  Trying but never quite making it.  I thought we were breaking up.  But I wouldn’t let you go.  When we are together, accepting each other for what we are, we are happy.  When we are fighting, I am not.   Still I thought our love was fading.  I was very confused. 

Earth Wind and Fire wrote a song for me about us.  Here it is.  It’s called, Reasons.

I can’t find the reasons
That my love won’t disappear
Can’t find the reasons
Why I love you ,my baby, my dear
Can’t find the reasons
Wanna love you all night
Can’t find the reasons
Gotta squeeze ya, real tight

Baby- yeah,
For my tears
Can’t find the reasons
Why I love ya….(fade to black)

Here’s the band (aren’t they cute):

Now, we have a big date this weekend.  We planned another half marathon together.  No matter how many of these excursions we go on, it’s always a huge deal.  I haven’t been around much to prepare, I know.  That Yoga and core work and my family have kept me very busy.  I know. I know.  Had I prioritized Us, it never would’ve gotten to this point, the one where I am Worried.  Scared.  Is it a mistake to do this again together?  I want us to be together forever.  Is this just a mid-run crisis?  I’m so torn up.  You know I’ll show up.  I will do my best but it won’t be easy.  Thoughts?

Your loving lover,


Dear Clair,

Get your head out of  your ass.  Do you remember how much you loved Us?  You praised our finding each other.  Probably talked about me too much!!

I don’t care that you love yoga.

  Just don’t give up on Us.  We can work this out.  Now here’s what you do to prepare for our next major get together, I mean half marathon in 5 days:

  • No more wine until after the race.  (don’t whine or smack me)
  • Sleep.  Sleep.  Sleep well.  Chamomile tea is fine.
  • Balance protein and carbs in your diet.
  • Listen to the music you love that pumps you hell up.  Like that cool group, EWF – maybe some Usher or Hurricane Chris or Eminem or P Diddy.  Word.
  • Sit still.
  • Believe in your self.  I get so tired of the wahh. wahh. wahh.  “I’m not fast  like Beth.” Or I’m not built like Amy.
  • Remember how strong our relationship has been.  How we have stood the test of time and we still keep showing up.
  • Buy a new outfit.  I want you to look and feel cute when I see you on Saturday.  I will be waiting.

Remember, Clair – I love you.  Now go for it. 

Your loyal partner,