Watch Party

A fan of Ice Cube, Tiger Woods, the James Madison University Dukes, Running, Ironman and all things Yoga, it was a good day.

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It wasn’t good just because I ran 7+ miles with my Iron-mommas and tri-babies plus one Navy Seal in the making. A display to admire, this guy upped his fitness game by strapping on a 20 pound vest and still schooled us all finishing the route with barely a pant or sweat bead forming.  I love him.



It wasn’t good because I was moved by Tiger Woods’ come-back-ability.  An athlete and person down, way way down, he impresses the best with a return performance that reminds me how brilliant the human body is.  Couple that body with indomitable spirit and it’s a let’s-see-where-this-takes-us show to behold. Like or hate the man, people like me who think the human body is brilliant and resilient see past the past and enjoy God’s grace in gracing us mortals with this exquisite structure to hold our soul.


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Tiger checks his shot at the Hero’s World  Challenge

I will just keep fighting.  It is what I have always done.  – Tiger Woods

I get what he did. Don’t worry I won’t suggest Lance Armstrong explore pharmacy as a comeback career.I have my limits.


James Madison University Dukes

Alum and football fan this is my true Good Day Maker. First, I had a virtual football Watch Party with them:


JMU Alumni and Colorado Besties

Two thousand miles apart and with the brilliance of texting, we simultaneously cheered/sipped our Dukes to a quarterfinal victory.  Six days later, I witnessed our Dukes berth into the semi final game – IN PERSON.

With one second left, a field goal sealed our deal one step closer to Natty #2 (that’s coolspeak for National Championship) in Frisco, Texas.

One game to Friso – Frisco (can’t you hear Dr. Dre singing the riff in California, the iconic 2Pac Anthem?) I like Dre too.

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Fingers crossed. Looks like next week, there will be another virtual watch party.

Join me?

Oh, and yoga?  Every damn day.







Good Vibrations, Great Sensations

Go get an energy massage.  It’s not a bucket list item – it’s a requirement. 

I had one (not my first) on Wednesday because my doctor recommended it.  I have a number of surgery sites from skin cancer removals of varying intensity.


Most of the time that area of my chest feels like it’s on fire.  While I contain my girls in a sports bra during my runs or yoga classes, there is constant irritation.  Flummoxed as to how to treat this, my dermatologist said I need a massage from someone who knows what they are doing.  So I got one.

I had energy work, deep tissue massage and some crystals rubbed on my chest.  I feel like a million bucks.  I was pulled, yanked, and held in most benevolent protection in the gifted hands of Jody Hauschild a soul sister and point of light in this world.  I could not do this experience justice but suffice it to say – I am a believer in this modality of attaining vitality and peace when something in your world is on fire.  Energy work is so beautiful.  It works with what is indisputably There in your soul’s vessel.  The experience is never predictable but always impactful.  I am happy to share details, email me and I am all over telling you more.

Good Vibrations are all about my chest area and great sensations are all over Virginia.  I just returned from a totally fun weekend at my alma mater, James Madison University with another soul sister and a posse of dear friends, new and long-term.  Here’s me, my buddy Glen, and my bestie Beth at a tailgate party.


Each of us in this pic are married to others (except Beth and me in spirit) but there is a love fest happening in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  College friends with a generation below us on campus, we reconnected and fell in love with life again – with the connections of good friends with history and hopes and really good vibes.  Okay maybe the wine was flowing but so were the stories and laughter and yoga tricks on the futon.  There is something to be said for friends unafraid to let it all out because we hold each other in protection.  Truly, how much worse can our behavior be than when we were doing beer bongs 20+ years ago in hairdos so high they touched God.  Life is so so good today.  Why?

9 years ago today my sweet, sweet beloved father became an angel.  I miss him so much.  He joined my mother in heaven and they both watch and send their good energy to their 6 children.  Four of them are running the ING Miami Marathon in 16 weeks.  I officially start my training this week and I couldn’t be more stoked.  This for My Mom and in Heaven. I am abundantly blessed.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better – I am going to Florida in 3 weeks to cheer my bestie on to her first Ironman.  God, I am so proud of her and I can’t wait.

On the horizon:  Yoga Workshops and More Writing. 

When are you getting your energy massage?  How big was your hair in college.