6 Ways to Find Zen in the Lap Lane

I used to be one of these: Before this summer I hadn’t swum a real lap since I was 11 years old.  I love the water.  I can swim but hadn’t worked it into my fitness regimen.  Frankly I was afraid.  Since I hurt my foot during the Miami Marathon, my running is still a ways off. Continue reading “6 Ways to Find Zen in the Lap Lane”

4 Steps to Avoiding Post Race Depression

For a number of reasons unique to my disaster of a run own marathon experience, I was heartbroken after the Lifetime Miami Marathon.  However, it is widely known that many athletes (this includes yogis) experience some post competition/event depression. (Yes, there are yoga asana competitions worldwide and recently in the US – another post/another time).  There are number of ways toContinue reading “4 Steps to Avoiding Post Race Depression”

Fabulous Florida

Suffice it to say there was A LOT of love smeared across Panama City Beach, Florida over the weekend.  If I could jack up every superlative I know it wouldn’t come close to describing Ironman Florida 2013.  Triathlon Competitor captured some amazing moments.  Here are a few: The surf was rough for the swim. OfContinue reading “Fabulous Florida”

People you should meet…

A few posts ago I asked for stories of complete indulgence.  I was in a bit of a funk over a difference of opinion in my home over spending money on vacation.  Too boring, too many factors to detail but suffice it to say we are going to Hilton Head, SC staying in a lovelyContinue reading “People you should meet…”

The pretty little course from hell

No one would ever think of Williamsburg, Virginia as hilly.  It’s 59.2 miles from the flat  Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  I am here to tell you this little patch of mother earth is full of curves –  ups and downs that never let up.  Although there were a couple of handsome hills, mostly the wear onContinue reading “The pretty little course from hell”

How to have more glue

One of my sister’s old boyfriends told her she was lacking in ‘sticktoitiveness’ Besides the fact that I wanted to punch him in the mouth for hurting her feelings, he couldn’t have been more wrong.  This is a woman who received academic scholarships to UVA, William and Mary, and VCU, danced up and down theContinue reading “How to have more glue”

Jodi Foster and Just Do It

If you are breathing you at least heard about  Jodi Foster’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes for the Cecile de Mille Lifetime Achievement award.  She looked stunning and spoke passionately and eloquently and kind of came out as a lesbian. Former Major League Baseball star Jose Canseco, tweeted: “Wow. Jodie Foster at Golden GlobesContinue reading “Jodi Foster and Just Do It”

Plateau? Push on.

The following contains excerpts from a bull’s-eye blog post written by David Garrigues, Philadelphia yoga extraordinaire.  You could replace each yoga reference with “running”, “writing a book”, “living with gusto”, or any other intentional endeavor.  Please read.  Please read again.  My sincere wish is for This to pick at you like it did me.  PowerContinue reading “Plateau? Push on.”