It’s like eating yoga

Quite possibly the best headline ever.  I wish I could take credit for it.  I found it in a post about a new healthy drink that looks like this: Richmond’s coolest locally owned natural/organic food market, Ellwood Thompson’s hosted an event to learn about this delicious treat made from natural fresh ingredients.  I didn’t go but I love theContinue reading “It’s like eating yoga”

Strap one on

Last night I was in hysteria from deadline hell.  I was working on a proposal at home that is due today.  Biggest one yet in my technical writing career.  My son needed me to take him to baseball practice.  My youngest daughter  needed me to help her with her economics fair (make items to sell,Continue reading “Strap one on”

The Proposal

What a better day, than Valentine’s Day to announce my official engagement?  With my new blog, marrymeyoga, I am sharing my betrothed.  Go ahead, take a turn.  I like watching you and my new husband fall in love.  There’s enough to go around and I’m not even jealous.  It’s so cool.  It’s not easy.  In the end it’s oh soContinue reading “The Proposal”