19 Reasons to Drop the Mic

Boom. At 2:21pm tomorrow I will have been married 19 years. I never tire of a good race, birth, or relationship story and I do wholeheartedly believe every single one of us has one or a few. Here’s my story and why I simply must drop the mic. I met my husband 20 years agoContinue reading “19 Reasons to Drop the Mic”

3 Reasons to Quit Something You Love

Soon, I am going to quit teaching Yoga. Given the name if my blog, it may seem a bit insane and it does feel super weird. After all, teaching Yoga: Makes me happy. Is legal. A part of the very core of me. Albert Einstein is much smarter than me and he said insanity is: doing the same thingContinue reading “3 Reasons to Quit Something You Love”

Jersey? Sure.

September 13 was my 15th wedding anniversary.  I had hoped to manage a major trip that involved air travel, sun screen, and no regard for time as it relates to wine intake.  The economy, our 3 busy children, and dreams of new furniture and a new running watch changed that approach.  With the babysitter booked,Continue reading “Jersey? Sure.”

I learned a new word

I want her Bodimind! Bodimind: (Quite obviously) one term for the body and the mind.  When the bodimind functions as one collaborative yoked system it is so much more than the sum of it’s parts.  It makes perfect sense and I love it.  I stumbled across it as I researched Dynamic Yoga,  an athletic form of vinyasa (flow) yoga thatContinue reading “I learned a new word”

Bikram Yoga: Stinky good

Today I almost threw up in a Bikram yoga class.  I added Bikram (90 minutes, 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises, 105 degrees, 40% humidity) to my yogic bag of tricks about 2 years ago.  I won’t wax poetic about my ‘journey’ to the hot room and the major transformations therein.  Disclaimer:  I love Bikram.  I alsoContinue reading “Bikram Yoga: Stinky good”