Meet My Tattoo Artist

What a day! February 16, 2015 brought snow, froze my pipes rendering me waterless with 3 children during a major Virginia snow. It also brought a new era to my 46 year old body. I am now a member of the tattoo club. Meet the artist. The one-of-a-kind Leigh Odom. A lady with “Baby Phat” embroidered on herContinue reading “Meet My Tattoo Artist”

Something I am embarrassed about

I am a classically trained dancer with a ferocious love of good bass. I am a health and wellness writer and yoga teacher from the Iyengar lineage. I have practiced Ashtanga yoga in the Mysore tradition and am a self-professed seeker. A purist, a tattoo-contemplator, a hot-dog sneakin’-vegan and a little righteous about pulling yourselfContinue reading “Something I am embarrassed about”

5 Favorite Things and My Weekend at an Ashram

The Ashram Experience – Yogaville I am still in la-la land over my weekend with 10 powerhouse beauties at Yoga Camp – This term we coined to describe dorm life of the Om genre.  Complete with covert happy hours, coffee contraband and making fun of the die-hards we experienced: “A little bit of weird andContinue reading “5 Favorite Things and My Weekend at an Ashram”

Can Yoga help you lose weight?

We’ve all seen it.  That ‘Yoga Body’:  sculpted, lit up from the inside out.  Looks something like this.   Madonna’s ‘Yoga Arms’ are so, so pretty.   She and Jennifer Anniston and Julia Roberts and Princess Kate and a bevy of other beauties attribute their bodies to their Yoga.  And I want in.  Whereas theContinue reading “Can Yoga help you lose weight?”

For my Mom and Dad in heaven

One year from today, my 3 sisters and I are running the ING Miami Marathon.  We are 4 of 6 lucky souls that landed with Kathleen and Homer Handy.  Our time with them was shorter than most – they died 8 years apart each suddenly each too soon.  We miss them every day.  Living withoutContinue reading “For my Mom and Dad in heaven”

One Direction: Stand for something

This post is not about the British boy-band my 12 year old daughter obsesses over.   I like the energy from their name.  Pick one direction, one path or a few but stand for something and make crap happen. Do you struggle with making a big decision or how to spend your free time?  IContinue reading “One Direction: Stand for something”

How will I tell my husband?

You are invited to our Party of 2.  Something profound is happening here.  I am intrigued and attracted and open and hopeful.  And I want you to come along for the ride.  Let’s make this a party of plenty. But how will I tell my husband about the magnetic pull I am experiencing?  I can’tContinue reading “How will I tell my husband?”

Plateau? Push on.

The following contains excerpts from a bull’s-eye blog post written by David Garrigues, Philadelphia yoga extraordinaire.  You could replace each yoga reference with “running”, “writing a book”, “living with gusto”, or any other intentional endeavor.  Please read.  Please read again.  My sincere wish is for This to pick at you like it did me.  PowerContinue reading “Plateau? Push on.”

Free-diving and my dentist

I had a small cavity filled today.  This is only significant because I routinely have panic attacks when considering dental work.  Several years ago, my dentist offered my Xanax for cleanings because I was so jumpy.  I declined.  (fool!)  What I am left with is my yoga breath to calm me during difficult moments.  AsContinue reading “Free-diving and my dentist”

Hair of the dog

I have had a few hangovers in my life, but not too many.  I am not a big drinker because I can hardly handle my life completely clear-headed.  (If you know me, stop rolling your eyes.  I may have a little wine often, but it’s always – umm usually – a little.)  A hangover justContinue reading “Hair of the dog”