5 Ways to Stay Focused

Life is hard.  Life is busy and if you are like me you have about 590 things going on in your mind at once. This trait makes Yoga my perfect mate and hardest endeavor which is probably why I love it so.  Stillness is almost extinct in this day and age where multi-tasking is reveredContinue reading “5 Ways to Stay Focused”

Jodi Foster and Just Do It

If you are breathing you at least heard about  Jodi Foster’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes for the Cecile de Mille Lifetime Achievement award.  She looked stunning and spoke passionately and eloquently and kind of came out as a lesbian. Former Major League Baseball star Jose Canseco, tweeted: “Wow. Jodie Foster at Golden GlobesContinue reading “Jodi Foster and Just Do It”


Thank you for the good advice about recovering from my super bad attitude.  It’s been a process but my ‘feel better’ began with a wonderful walk where I talked – practically out loud – to God.  I wondered where he’d been for a few weeks.  After all, I’ve been sitting, like a good little ZenContinue reading “Recovering”

Sandy hooked

My friend, Amy and I promised to share our Zen journey to the quiet magic of peace and fullness by way of stillness.  It’s not easy for these 2 mother runners of 3 (each) with traveling husbands and jobs to actually  be still.  Ever.  But we hold as important our Daily Life and the sweetContinue reading “Sandy hooked”

How will I tell my husband?

You are invited to our Party of 2.  Something profound is happening here.  I am intrigued and attracted and open and hopeful.  And I want you to come along for the ride.  Let’s make this a party of plenty. But how will I tell my husband about the magnetic pull I am experiencing?  I can’tContinue reading “How will I tell my husband?”

Party of 2

I always thought Katy Perry was very pretty… Here she is:   Here’ her song: I’m wide awake (x3)Yeah, I was in the darkI was falling hardWith an open heartI’m wide awakeHow did I read the stars so wrong Here’s what I’m up to:   Here’s how: Here’s how I feel:   You are invitedContinue reading “Party of 2”

Hair of the dog

I have had a few hangovers in my life, but not too many.  I am not a big drinker because I can hardly handle my life completely clear-headed.  (If you know me, stop rolling your eyes.  I may have a little wine often, but it’s always – umm usually – a little.)  A hangover justContinue reading “Hair of the dog”

Attachment injury

Yesterday was a glorious fall day in Virginia.  Picture perfect – crisp air, blue blue skies and the hum of changing seasons to inspire change in key areas.  All good.  Except my mood.  It started with my trying to corral my sleeping children to ready for 9:00 Mass.  We don’t go every single week soContinue reading “Attachment injury”

I saw my therapist today

As you might imagine – given the nature of this blog – I am a big believer in therapy.  I love the whole bit.  The couch.  The kleenex.  The tea and the tears.    I have accessed some deep healing from traditional talk therapy with very gifted practitioners.  I became fascinated by the depth and breadth ofContinue reading “I saw my therapist today”

Diddy’s five million sons

Kathleen:  Mom, I was watching this show about celebrity sweet sixteen birthday bashes and it was pretty cool. Me:  Really – worried inside there was lap dancing involved.  I braced myself for the implication that her life pales in comparison. Kathleen:  There was this one section on P-Diddy’s son.  He got like a $300,000.00 carContinue reading “Diddy’s five million sons”