Good to Great Friday

It’s Good Friday.  Having grown up Catholic with 13 years of parochial school under my belt, I know how to have a good Good Friday.  Customs include:  Fasting for the day Adoration of the Cross Worldwide silence at 3 PM (the noted time of death of Jesus) As I have done for many of the pastContinue reading “Good to Great Friday”

Privates and having tea with a suffragist

Today’s headline is a reflection of my homebound day caused by an East Coast ice storm: random and (hopefully) curious.  This post is 2 parts. I hope you like them both.  Please let me know.  I live just to the right of the red circle. The Private Part Due to a gap in federal funding,Continue reading “Privates and having tea with a suffragist”

Poor pigs.

Why is it that whenever anyone is being self-deprecating about being selfish, they bring a pig into?  Here’s what I heard this week: I am a selfish pig, I am glad my kids are going back to school. (Colorado Athlete Extraordinaire) I was out  mountain biking and was late picking up my daughter from softball.  IContinue reading “Poor pigs.”

Some pictures of pure joy

Have you ever seen a dog smile?  I am one of the lucky ones whose chocolate lab exposes her pearly whites in abundant love.  While my family was vacationing in South Carolina, my dear friend and fellow animal-lover (actually she puts me to shame) stopped in to check on my Maggie and was gleefully greetedContinue reading “Some pictures of pure joy”

This white girl got lost in the Blues

For a few weeks I have been caving.  My John Gray (Mars/Venus) inspired term for hiding out, noncommittal, as I evaluate things and reboot.  I have been lethargic and perhaps a little… wait for it… depressed.  For no good reason.  Though my life is far from perfect, I have my health, my faculties (though someContinue reading “This white girl got lost in the Blues”

Law of Attraction

As the year comes to a close, I have been contemplating a return to simplicity and authenticity in all of my choices.  Getting rid of the junk that isn’t serving me, my loved ones, or the planet.  From my pantry to my frig to my calendar and my words, I am committed to making mindfulContinue reading “Law of Attraction”

Mutts make the best beeyatches

Here’s how Sunday went down. (Spoiler:  it was a good one.) I awoke at 5:30 to prepare for Amy to join me in our weekly communal Sit Fest. If you have read a few of my posts over the last month, you may recall that my friend and I propelled ourselves into a Zen MeditationContinue reading “Mutts make the best beeyatches”


Thank you for the good advice about recovering from my super bad attitude.  It’s been a process but my ‘feel better’ began with a wonderful walk where I talked – practically out loud – to God.  I wondered where he’d been for a few weeks.  After all, I’ve been sitting, like a good little ZenContinue reading “Recovering”

How will I tell my husband?

You are invited to our Party of 2.  Something profound is happening here.  I am intrigued and attracted and open and hopeful.  And I want you to come along for the ride.  Let’s make this a party of plenty. But how will I tell my husband about the magnetic pull I am experiencing?  I can’tContinue reading “How will I tell my husband?”

Party of 2

I always thought Katy Perry was very pretty… Here she is:   Here’ her song: I’m wide awake (x3)Yeah, I was in the darkI was falling hardWith an open heartI’m wide awakeHow did I read the stars so wrong Here’s what I’m up to:   Here’s how: Here’s how I feel:   You are invitedContinue reading “Party of 2”