My forever friend

Maggie died on June 17, 2020. My heart is broken. She was the dog of my lifetime. Some may understand. I feel I have lost a dear friend. Maggie and I had a relationship, a deep, knowable, living, loving connection. For nearly eleven years, after school and practice and bedtime stories and baths and homeworkContinue reading “My forever friend”

White Board Chronicles

For better or for worse and resulting in uncountable eye rolls, this hangs in my kitchen near the refrigerator.  Briliant placement, if I do say so myself. A dear friend with vision and moxxie inspired my Whiteboard.  I have long admired her so naturally I wanted emulate some her life hacks tactics. At first theContinue reading “White Board Chronicles”

Open Your Ear Hole – Morning Song

The birds sing and caw, they chirp and twitter chattering a good morning song.  Some wail as if to say – “I am here” – others knock and pop their beaks hammer-like against the strong trunk of their home.  Still too, some sing and sing – lost in their own song.  Together, the symphony ofContinue reading “Open Your Ear Hole – Morning Song”

Is Kanye a Turkey?

I only caught a glimpse of Kanye’s conversion as I walked through the kitchen while the evening news was playing. Some people are flat out interesting whether you actually interested in the content of their reality (show) or not.  The conversation about $170 Jesus is King hoodies and Kanye’s taking the stage with Joel OsteenContinue reading “Is Kanye a Turkey?”

Birds, Rams, Two Coasts, and the Mind

Two big things happened this week in sports on oppostie coasts with roots in Richmond, Virginia. Read on for a common denominator you might not expect. Birds The Seattle Seahawks took down the only undefeated team in the NFL, the San Fransisco 49er’s on Monday night in overtime.  Quarterback, Russell Wilson who is up for theContinue reading “Birds, Rams, Two Coasts, and the Mind”

My Top 3 Podcasts This Week

I am a podcast advocate.  What a marvelous opportunity to listen to engaging dialogue between respected thought leaders and doers in life on topics you choose.  As the listener from afar, in the car, during a long run, or while making your way from one place to another in any fashion. You can try onContinue reading “My Top 3 Podcasts This Week”

Fifteen Fatherless Years

Today is fifteen years since my sister called me and asked if Mike was home. Her next statement was: “Dad died today.” He was 66 and in perfectly good health.  A slender and active, golf obsessed, 8-year widower. This is the call nobody wants.  Out of the blue.  No warning.  It happened in his parked carContinue reading “Fifteen Fatherless Years”