Holding on to MSP

My sister turned 50 in October. This photo is from her party. She is one of four Handy sisters and two (earthly) brothers. One brother is in heaven holding down the fort with my parents and his niece whom we all long to hold.

Fifty is big. I met my 50 two years ago, our sister (not pictured) two years prior, a brother one year before me. The ‘younger two’ as they were often lumped have yet to enter this decade. My baby sister (as Mariah Carey croons) ‘will always be my baby’ even when she’s 90. Such is the way with sisters and brothers who huddle against, through, and with life depending on the day. Today I am holding on to MSP – My Sisters’ Prayer.

I don’t know, but I muse that:

One sister might pray for an unragged breath, just one that eases the ache of unspeakable miss.

One might pray for a day of delight, with bright colors that infuse laughter and fun with many friends such that the pressure to perform is eased with the knowledge that all is well in the company of great love.

One still may pray for cohesion and simplicity. The order is not tall but the journey there can be.

We / they might pray for all of it all at once or one at a time – depending on the day.

I can promise you MSP (My Sisters’ Prayer) always / ALWAYS includes GRATITUDE because we know what we have. We have each other. The unfathomable good fortune to be placed with our parents, and the friendship of a God who loves MSP so very deeply.

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