White Board Chronicles

For better or for worse and resulting in uncountable eye rolls, this hangs in my kitchen near the refrigerator.  Briliant placement, if I do say so myself.

The current state of affairs.

A dear friend with vision and moxxie inspired my Whiteboard.  I have long admired her so naturally I wanted emulate some her life hacks tactics.

At first the whiteboard was just for me.  My friend keeps hers in her private home office and uses it for methodical reminders to help her stay her course.  I should have truly emulated her.  She is amazing.  But I soon recognized my family’s need for reflection and future forward nuggets of focus and all hell broke loose: The Whiteboard Project took on a life of its own.

I am realizing containment and methodical patience with my Whiteboard may have been a better route.  Such is my pattern.  Alas, this is its inception.

(I did not photograph each board.  But I am on it now.)

Board #1:  Introduce the Concept


Every Board after that:  Bribe my teens / young adults to participate.

Input is input.  Money is always involved.

Quotes.  Goals. Inner drivers.  They all work.  Engagement is priceless.

Yes.  I thrive on teaching moments.

No quote is too long in my book.  (eye roll after eye roll)

Maybe we are getting somewhere.  Lots of different penmanship on this one.

We had a birthday.

The child whose birthday it wasn’t suggested the $20 memory.  They upped the ante.

Then came shelter in place.  COVID-19, and TONS of screen time.  We watched sports and crime documentaries.  I set no parameters.  I am not looking for analysis.  Just going with it!

Does the Aaron Hernendaz Documentary on Netflix meet the goal of inspired learning.  Yes.  Watch it.  It isn’t easy – you’ve been warned.

Lent.  Easter.  Promoting inside work.  Everyong needs gas $. Don’t judge.

Reflection??? What the hell?  There I go again.  I ask for much.

They don’t know it, but the first one to write something meaningful (my discretion) gets $20.

And now this.  My poor naked whiteboard.  We’ll see.

I will be hanging one in my private office today.


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