Open Your Ear Hole – Morning Song

Favorite Mug

The birds sing and caw, they chirp and twitter chattering a good morning song.  Some wail as if to say – “I am here” – others knock and pop their beaks hammer-like against the strong trunk of their home.  Still too, some sing and sing – lost in their own song.  Together, the symphony of now.

The slurp of my sip of coffee grown cold by seconds of wait.  The dull clank of my thick, sturdy, favorite Colorado mug.  The dance of the flame in my dusty mostly quiet candle.  The light snore of my beloved brown lab.

It is just me on my porch.

Isn’t it always just me – or just you? We interact and move about the symphony of our days.

We love and talk and worry and long to touch.  In the end isn’t is just us?  Go inside.  To your interior world.  Stay dancing on the brim of the outer, in the chirps of the birds, in the rustle and bustle of a long-slept partner awake and ready making their own coffee.

In the hearts longing for peace and good health for all.

In the desire to be God’s channel – a living breathing example of love and light – a path to what already is – in the climbing cresendo of birds with messages.

Listen to me.  I am here.

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