Is Kanye a Turkey?

Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 8.00.51 AM

I only caught a glimpse of Kanye’s conversion as I walked through the kitchen while the evening news was playing. Some people are flat out interesting whether you actually interested in the content of their reality (show) or not.  The conversation about $170 Jesus is King hoodies and Kanye’s taking the stage with Joel Osteen could beg some SELF reflection, a question about how authentic your connection is to your internal King  or your hoodie graphic.  Maybe none of it matters to you and you are hungover with gratitude from a day of turkey and pie and family and friends.  I hope it’s the latter.

Kanye confessed his mental health issues when he disclosed his bipoloar diagnosis.  I admire his courage to SpeakUp.

His exhuberant profession of Christ allegiance could come from an authentic well of Holy Spirit also currented by his diagnosis.  If your hoodie professes Compassion and One Human Family and Kindness and Coexisence make sure you extend it to Him.  Capital ‘H’.  Or if you prefer lower case ‘h’ or any pronoun.  Or any living being.

Because then YOU are not a turkey.

As for Kanye, who knows?

You be the judge of that.  On second thought, don’t.



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