Birds, Rams, Two Coasts, and the Mind

Two big things happened this week in sports on oppostie coasts with roots in Richmond, Virginia. Read on for a common denominator you might not expect.


The Seattle Seahawks took down the only undefeated team in the NFL, the San Fransisco 49er’s on Monday night in overtime.  Quarterback, Russell Wilson who is up for the league MVP led the charge.  He is from Richmond. He is my boyfriend.  I am a cougar.  My husband knows.

Can you blame me?  The term boyfriend is a euphemism for ‘I love people with big talent, big charimsa, big heart.’  I have lots of boyfriends, including my husband and Beth Risdon. 


The VCU Rams beat the LSU Tigers in basketball, 84 – 82 at home in Richmond Virginia.  How sweet it is.  Geaux on back to Weezi – Anna. The Division 1A Rams are really something.  They always come to play. 

One common element to these two victories is the Richmond connection.

The common demoninator as I see it, is:

Alex Peavey

Alex serves as the Team Consultant & Mindfulness Coach for VCU Men’s Basketball, as well as a number of other college and professional athletes across the country.  He gave  Russell Wilson his mindfulness start in high school and they remain good friends today.

Common Denominator = Mindfulness Practice, delivered by beloved hometown expert.

Mindfulness practice focuses the mind on the present moment, clearing the noise of unecessary distraction. It works on the field, on the court, in the board room, in the mind to create clarity and flex the mental muscle.

Alex is also the Mindfulness Coach for the Cameron K. Gallagher Foundation.

Mindfulness practice works to change the relationship to stress in life and in individuals too. To learn more, email


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