Good to Great Friday

It’s Good Friday.  Having grown up Catholic with 13 years of parochial school under my belt, I know how to have a good Good Friday.  Customs include:

  •  Fasting for the day
  • Adoration of the Cross
  • Worldwide silence at 3 PM (the noted time of death of Jesus)

As I have done for many of the past 40+ years, I will observe each.

This may be difficult as we are on Spring Break.  However, we are doing our best to keep the holy in Holy Week.

My son (right) is in Florida.  (Though some of have been called to be fishers of men, he is a fisher of fish.)

Normally a Holy Thursday tradition, My girls got their feet washed toes painted before we left for the Outer Banks of North Carolina (a heavenly and spiritual place) on Tuesday:

I held a beautiful baby boy – a joy Mary shares.

My daughter worked with clay and remembered an angel:

There she is in white:

I cried and remembered much.

I have not yet mentioned yoga or running.  I have done each many, many times this Holy Week.  With it, everything, including Good Friday went from Good to Great.  Always does. 

Happy Easter.

How’s your week been?


3 thoughts on “Good to Great Friday

  1. Yoga is actually not considered compatible with Christian reality because its use/purpose is tied to worship of unknown spirits based in a pagan belief system. The idea of a marriage to yoga is like idolatry of yoga. God calls His people to a mystical marriage. Yoga has no part in this mystical marriage. Also, the concept of magic is also not compatible with Christian reality because it denotes a special power or control over things which only God can control; magic is a parallel system which denies our dependence upon God to do what it is impossible for humans to do. Magic supports the idea that “I have magic; I don’t need God.”

    Here is a good expose on “New Age” within which Yoga is embraced and its contrast with Christian reality:

    It is wonderful that you love God through your Good Friday devotions which are, in fact, acts of obedience. Obedience of God is what is necessary to love God. To obey the authority of the Church in matters of faith and morality is an act of obedience to God who established that authority in the Church.

    It is unfortunate that your local parish is unable, apparently, to facilitate your actual spiritual hunger such that you have attached yourself to the pagan practice of which Yoga is a part. Spiritually, your involvement in yoga (however modified you may think it is from its pagan roots) may be dangerous for you.

    I recommend that you go to your pastor (or other priest who is competent) and seek competent spiritual direction about this.

    1. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to reply. I recommend you learn a little more about Yoga. Daily Mass and Yoga was wonderful today. Have a wonderful day

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