Barely Breathing

You may have heard this story about my beautiful niece.

I have no clever words or clanging gongs of wisdom.

I have no revelations about Warrior I or how to get past mile 22.

I am broken at the core, so sad it hurts.

But I am hopeful and filled with love from many.  Thank you a million ways from Sunday.


You are beautiful.

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I’m coming back.  With momentum like you’ve never seen.


Until then, let’s keep breathing.


3 thoughts on “Barely Breathing

  1. Honey, you know how much my heart is breaking for you, for Grace, for your family. All my love and support to you. PLEASE let me hold you, my darling friend. Pass your load to me and I will give you a rest. How I wish this were possible in total. If but for a minute. </3

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