Miami Madness

Finishing the 2014 Lifetime Miami Marathon is by far the hardest physical thing I have ever done including drug-free childbirth.  


I did it.  I ran 15 miles in tremendous pain.  The end.

The bigger, better aspects of the race report include this:

1.  My sisters gave me their marathon.  They stayed right with me throughout the race.  The didn’t have to.  They were feeling good.  My body started breaking down (for a number of reasons) around mile 11.  Theirs did not.  They are my heart.  My Mom and Dad in heaven would be proud.  They are the reason we did this.


2.  I ripped around Miami like Crockett and Tubbs in this mustard yellow Camaro convertible.:

crockett and tubbs

3.  After I actually finished this crazy thing – I cruised around Biscayne Bay in a yacht in a bathing suit, with wine and a medal around my neck.

4.  I stayed at the Fontaine Bleu the night after the race.

Here’s the pool.


The view from my coffee perch.  Don’t hate.

5.  Here’s the mantra that saved my sanity while I was gritting out mile after mile:

In this body, in this moment – it’s a beautiful place to be.

My body was broken but I wouldn’t let my spirit be so. For this, I am proud.  Not a tear was shed until the end.  Gratitude, disappointment, relief – it all came out.

And so, my third marathon is born.  Not nearly as pretty as my third child:

Janehaircut Hopefully my fourth marathon will be pretty.  Or at least remotely cute.

Thank you, Miami.  I coming back.  Fierce.  Ultra so.

4 thoughts on “Miami Madness

  1. So proud of you, Clair!!! I can’t even imagine doing a marathon without the pain and you did it with pain. My hero!! Want to hear more about it. Sorry we got cut short on the phone yesterday. I was in the vet parking lot to pick up meds and the poor older man next to me was trying to pick up his crying older dog and put him in the car. Very heartbreaking. Love you, Megan

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