Pacing the Cage with Jimmy Buffett

Eleven months ago I wrote this post about running the ING Miami Marathon. It started as a healthy tribute to my parents whom I lost too soon.  My siblings and I (below, I am second from the right) are the lucky souls fated to be raised by 2 of the best people to grace our planet.

Handy Siblings

Though full, this photo is missing some great mugs.  My Mom and Dad.  Gone now for nearly 17 and more than 9 years respectively, this pirate looked at 40 for a long time parent-less.  Damn.  Hard to believe so much life has happened in this span of time.  But it has.  Like a lot of life events, including training for a marathon – there are times we can feel like we are pacing the cage.

Waiting.  Chomping at the bit.  Foaming at the mouth.

Waiting to pounce.


At the start line.

Into life.

This marathon seemed like a world away last year.  Now it’s a mere 4 weeks off.  I have 3 weeks left before I taper.  Next, I get on an airplane.  I am then out the cage.

Marathon training can be tough if not monotonous by anyone’s standards.  Here’s a brief look at some of my long runs.  In order.

10 miles

12 miles

first 14 miles

16 miles

18 miles

20 miles

Next up: 14, 20, 8, race.  My body needs this time to prepare but my mind is in the cage, pacing.

As Jimmy Buffett says:

“Pacing The Cage”
Sunset is an angel weeping, Holding out a bloody sword

No matter how I squint I cannot, Make out what it’s pointing toward

Sometimes you feel like you’ve lived too long, The days drip slowly on the page
And you catch yourself, Pacing the cage
Friends, life without my parents has caught my weeping for my angels more often than I can sometimes bare.  I squint and look for their message feeling like I’ve lived way too long without them.  But it is so not the case.  They have a legacy, as do I.
I  have 2 legs that work, a better than-ever-sister/training partner and six eyes that feed me in their light.
My children.  Their grandchildren (3 of 18)
And her.  She reminds me to Shut up and Run.
And her.  She reminds me that a lot of what I need I right in my own back yard.
And to top it off I am busting out of this cage in Margaritaville.
Running in Miami on Superbowl Sunday.  I can’t believe this is real.  Worth the cage.  Worth the wait.  Hopefully, worth the pace.
You won’t believe this either:  Marrymeyoga is interviewing a real live Ironman later this month.  Stay tuned.
For the record (pun intended) in 1991, I danced across the stage in Charlotte, NC as a big kosher pickle during Cheeseburger in Paradise – I did not get hired for the remaining tour but it was fun.
What’s your favorite Jimmy Buffett song?


2 thoughts on “Pacing the Cage with Jimmy Buffett

  1. the buildup, the anxiety, the anticipation…by far the worst part. you’ve got this. it’ll be your best one yet. you’re ready.

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