I need your input

I have an idea to run by you – but first, the set up.

So I am laying in bed early this morning unable to sleep (nothing new). 

This wasn’t working.

Natrol Melatonin TR 5mg-100 Tablets

It usually does.  My random thoughts include:

grocery shopping today will be a nightmare.  i need to fit my run in before the girls harangue me into taking them shopping.  will nicholas get into a good college.  can’t wait to get my new sofas, oops – need to order them.  will we get the new contracts?  does all this yoga and running and endurance athletics mean anything to the world?

Also, I had been pondering a rather nasty FB response to a yoga post.  The basic implication was that yogis can only change the world if the GET OFF THEIR MATS  and DO SOMETHING.  What good is it doing anyone to move and twist and turn and ruminate about it and discuss it ad nauseum and create a blog about it??? (GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS).  Similarly, with running, race training of all types, and other pursuits that require time and energy and yes, money – where is the love in the world.  It’s like going to the Four Seasons in a third world country.  What are we DOING to help? 

Can you tell I’ve been reading this book?

Chrissie Wellington is a perfectionist awe-inspiring endurance athlete who never settles for second best and is changing the world. Yes, one race at time.  One reader at a time.  And so through Yoga, running and other healthy pursuits, we can INSPIRE ourselves and very humbly maybe others (on a good day) to get rid of baggage and live in right alignment with the good energy of the world.  AND THEN, my friends, WE ARE RIPE FOR FACILITATING CHANGE.  Thank you, Yoga  and race training!  Will you marry me?

Maybe it’s a simple as this.  I am nicer when I run.  I am more open to possibility when I practice yoga.  That is enough.  But I want more (nothing new).

I am considering organizing a 5k Yogarun in my Virginia community.  It would be 30 minutes of pre race yoga and 3.1 miles of walking/running fun.  The event would benefit a carefully chosen charity and promote the benefits of yoga and running (nicer people, more expanded attitudes – YES!)  Complete with vendors, sponsors, music and such – the real deal.  Similar events occur in other areas with big name players like Lululemon and  Athleta.  Who’s to say I can’t hang with the big dogs?  Not Chrissie Wellington.

Here’s where I need your input.


Would you do a small local race sprinkled with some yoga?

Yes and yes???   Yay.  Here’s some gratitude.


Please answer me or my other daughter and her friend may kick your butt.

Jane at Mall

Jaykaying.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Running a 10k Turkey Trot.  Teaching Vinyasa.  You?

6 thoughts on “I need your input

    1. Yay! Mercedes. I will be putting together a upstart meeting at my house soon. Hope you can come. Jane’s shoes? Not sure. She was with a friend and her Mom that day. LOVE

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