Dirty Love and My Hero

I am in the middle of reading this book. 


In this heartbreakingly beautiful book of disillusioned intimacy and persistent yearning, beloved and celebrated author Andre Dubus III explores the bottomless needs and stubborn weaknesses of people seeking gratification in food and sex, work and love.  –Amazon

I picked it  up at Hudson News (you know the place) in Atlanta while galloping down concourse C desperate to make my flight.  Though today’s post is not a book review, I will share this observation of my reading experience.  Andre Dubus is a master at story telling and character portrayal.  Presented like a montage of short stories woven together mysteriously taunting the reader with a yet-to-be-revealed web of connection, the writing is brilliant.  Though the characters’ experiences are extreme they are relatable human beings.  It is a raw and rich telling of very dark stories.  The dark part is disturbing and makes me wonder why I am reading it.  The stories haunt me during the day but entice me to keep reading at night. 

There is sort of beauty in the truth of even when it’s not all butterflies in the meadows and what ‘ave you.  If you saw Just Go With It 6,000 times like me you’ll understand this reference, if not just go with it.  It’s funny and ironic.

Source:  listal.com

My conclusion:  there is a lot of beauty in the truth.  My goal is to post on MMY once a week.  I am compelled to be smart, funny, prolific, charming and yes pretty (you know you do it too, only post the good pics.)  I am never all of these things at once and only sometimes (very rarely) one or two at at time.  So after reading a particularly engaging part of Dirty Love last night, I decided the the Truth was much prettier than embellishments.  Nobody believes the BS anyway and most can smell it a mile away.  So the truth-tellers are my heroes.  People who can be real even if it sucks because sometimes things do.  And that’s the truth.

Like cancer.  Who hasn’t been affected?  You???  You might be lying (hope so) but here’s one of my all time heroes and I just became aware of her blinding light last week.

She is Deborah Cohen.

courtesy:  Deborah Cohen’s Caring Bridge Page

She danced her way to the table for a double mastectomy.  Read and watch this.  Tell me what you think.  You will come out changed and loving Blue Ivy Carter’s mother.  I love Deb.  She has me wanting to dance in my truth.  So here goes a few little nuggets of truth:

My real 10 mile run on Saturday.  A Garmin, like Dirty Love can’t lie.  9:39 pace not 9:28 like I might have said.  Liar!

10 miles 2013!

Here’s the real me in my  new Speedo for my master swim class.  Go ahead, say I look like a skunk.  She did.  And don’t say one word about the duct tape on my couch.  I might cry.


Because this is a yoga blog and this post is about heroes,  here is my Virasana (aka hero’s pose) with my real hair and real Mom Jeans and bad balloon shirt.

hero's pose

And finally, here’s the real me, writing a real post.

real me

Do NOT be jealous of my  neck.  Go ahead, throw up – unfollow, unfriend, deny you know me.  I won’t cut your ear off but I will know you left me for real (shallow) reasons.  And that’s a truth I can live with.  Stay and we’ll have real (truthful) fun.

I feel naked.  Like Dirty Love – but it can be fun.

Love you.  Be my hero.  What’s your truth?

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