Fabulous Florida

Suffice it to say there was A LOT of love smeared across Panama City Beach, Florida over the weekend.  If I could jack up every superlative I know it wouldn’t come close to describing Ironman Florida 2013Triathlon Competitor captured some amazing moments.  Here are a few:


The surf was rough for the swim.


Of course they couldn’t resist my Beth on the bike.

Beth Mile 80

I couldn’t either.  Here she is at mile 80.  Happy as can be.


2.4 miles swum.  112 miles biked.  13.1 miles ran.  Only 13.1 more to go.


And she’s off.

I couldn’t have enjoyed my time more with Beth’s parents, whom I love.


And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better.  Beth  met her aggressive time goals and I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in 20+ years.  He too was supporting a good friend doing this crazy thing.  God, it was cool. 


We are exhausted here.  This is at the end.  Spectating is also an endurance sport.

I managed my 11 mile run while wallowing in God’s creations.  Gorgeous skies,  and witness to amazing human will and determination. 

Today I find myself at a loss for words – (SHOCKING, I know!)  I am not prolific in the least

However I am:

  • awestruck
  • star struck
  • smitten and bitten by the mysterious yet powerful Ironman bug.

Somehow I knew this would happen. 

Today I taught a yoga class and found myself sharing a quote from this book:

Finding Ultra

  It’s message was about the definition of surrender.  What it means to truly allow your life to happen, not just to let go but to get out of your own way and surrender to what already is.  There is risk.  There is the falling sensation.  Free-falling without the guarantee of anything.  In some magic moment with surrender, you will find yourself in the embrace of utter perfection – God – as your struggles, expectations fears and anxieties magically disappear. 

Beth is feeling sad that the magic of Ironman 2013 is now behind us. I can totally understand.  Who would want to let something like that go?

Truly she can surrender it to the universe because I am here to tell you that kind of magic: of friendship, athleticism, human bonding and fellowship is my embrace.  It is a beautiful thing.

Marry me, Ironman Florida 2013.

One thought on “Fabulous Florida

  1. Ahhh…love this post. I am still basking in the magic of the day and the gift that you are as my friend. You mean the world to me and having you by my side that day is beyond words. Really, it is. Love you.

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