Ironman Florida, You’re a good girl! (video)

I have the great privilege of teaching yoga to associates at CarMax headquarters in Goochland, Virginia.  One of my students has this tattoo:

Here’s how she got it:

Swam 2.4 miles in open water

Biked 112 miles

Ran 26.2 miles

ALL.  IN.  ONE.  DAY.  I love her and her moxy.  Having done this crazy thing, numerous times, she is a real inspiration.  I am humbled that she accesses my yoga class to balance her training. 

This makes my upcoming ING Miami Marathon seem small – but I know it’s not.

These Ironman athletes, men and women, are super heros.  And I get to witness their heroics in Florida on Saturday when my girl, Beth, competes in her first full Ironman event.  No stranger to challenge and a fan of the big push, Beth won her way to a spot on X2 Performance Ironman Team.  Here’s what she did to prepare (in 18 weeks).

Total Swim:  56 Miles

Total Bike:  1,745 Miles

Total Run:  275 Miles

Total Miles: 2,076 miles (basically the distance from Denver to Key West!)

We aren’t quite rendezvousing in Key West, though I love it there– we are meeting up in Panama City, FL. 

It will do.  I can’t wait.

While Beth is churning out unbelieveable mileage in 3 ways, I will be running my 10 – 52,800 steps closer to heaven.  On the beach, in the sun.  Unfurling my mat at the end.  Heaven.

Here’s a kiss for good luck:



You’re a good girl, and you know it.  Just hold on. 

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