The Justin Timberlake of Race Week

Can I admit something?

I am in love with Justin Timberlake.  I saw a re-broadcast of the VMA’s on Monday night and YELLED at my children for talking during JT’s performance.  Much ado about has been made over MC – from which I shielded my offspring, fYI.  But I think she was intoxicated and I am over her.  But I can relate. I am drunk with love of all things Justin.  And it’s making my race week training/tapering the absolute bomb.


He’s waving at me.

Yes, I downloaded ‘Take Back the Night‘ and ‘Holy Grail‘ right then and there.  I have been groovin’ my taper runs with dreams of winning this dang race.  Here’s what else I did besides the usual half marathon taper runs, while day-dreamed about his


  • I SWAM!  I haven’t completed a lap in a year.  On Tuesday I managed 30!  (lame but better than nothing!)
  • I got on the stationary bike at the gym – just to kill time while my son was practicing.  No gabbing for Clair – 12 thigh pumping miles in 35 minutes.  (lame but better than nothing!)
  • Taught 4 vinyasa classes.
  • Made some important phone calls I’ve been putting off to advance my journey. (later post)

This post is not about me.  It’s about my new Gu.

No need for this:

When you have this:

Serious talent, people.  He is not just yummy he is the real deal.   If you can sing, dance, ooze charm, manage humility and deflect your accomplishments – you are my iwannameetyou person.  Totally married.  Totally happy.  Totally in awe of the talent bestowed by God into one human being.  Thank you.

My youngest loves him too.  She joined the swim team this week.


I cut my hair.  I have bangs now.


Maybe I will PR on Sunday.  No matter.

Holy Grail, It’s been really fun.

What are you doing this weekend?

9 thoughts on “The Justin Timberlake of Race Week

  1. I love the bangs! girl–should have done that years ago…love it. wish I could have straight hair and bangs but am stuck with crazy hippie hair. what will they look like post race??

  2. Serious love for both you and JT. When he started “Cry Me a River” I thought I would levitate. Love him, you, the bangs!

  3. Bangs rule. So does being an outie.

    I am seeing JT in concern in January. Just sayin’

    Best of luck on Sunday. Will be stalking you.

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