Some pictures of pure joy

Have you ever seen a dog smile?  I am one of the lucky ones whose chocolate lab exposes her pearly whites in abundant love. 


While my family was vacationing in South Carolina, my dear friend and fellow animal-lover (actually she puts me to shame) stopped in to check on my Maggie and was gleefully greeted with this crazy smile.  I love it so much and her for capturing this moment.  I showed it to my sisters and anyone who would look with the pride of a first ultrasound from a first offspring.  BTW, here he is 15 years later:


Friends, that too is a joyous picture.  He is a young gentleman of the finest order.  Truly, he is my golden and only boy – I am so proud of him.  Having just returned from some sorrowful defeats at the Dixie League World Series (there was this one win over Texas, Go Virginia!!)  in Seneca, SC – he tells his family he’s looking forward to working harder and getting better.  I think he’s just fine.



My lefty – like his Mom.

But I am all about getting better and brightening the light inside with hard work and faith and luck and love.  I think that is a joyous pursuit.

Nelson Mandela thinks so too:

There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. 

Mr. Mandela turned 50 on the day I was born – 26 years BEFORE he became President of Africa (1994).  A Nobel Peace Prize winning, anti-apartheid, revolutionary peace promoting leader – He is a joyous picture with a million watt smile.  Thank you, God for giving me the same birthday as he.  I am 45 and he is 95.  God, give him more time to bring such abundant change for joyous good.  I will try to help.


And finally, it’s not Mandela and not nearly as profoundly impactful but it is Manduka – my birthday present and premium new yoga mat.  This will hopefully bring some joy.  I know my yoga does.


Yoga, running, cycling, cooking, baseball, animal-loving, training for an Ironman – whatever brings you joy – I wish you the picture of health and joy and change and success.

What is your joyous picture? 

Send me some for publishing in a later post.

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