3 things that are working for me.

I am tired.  I need to get away.  That is all. 

I am blessed a million ways from Tuesday but I am feeling beat.  I have heart, people but no gas in my tank.  I am tired all the time and I am not pregnant or training for an Ironman.  Though I only work part-time (wimp!!) I need to get away from work.  I need to NOT SCOOP CAT POOP or worry about my four legged babies whom I love very much.


Even my very favorite thing in the whole world, teaching yoga, is leaving me limp.  I need to fill my well.  Therefore I am leaving town on Friday for 8 days.  The first two will be for the opening of my son’s World Series Tournament the rest is for hilarity and frolicking in the Atlantic Ocean with my 3 sisters – husbands and children included.  Because leaving town to reboot is not always an option, here are three things that are working for me to help me stay in a somewhat positive frame of mind.

1.  Watching ‘Friends’ reruns.








Enough said.

2.  Practicing Yoga

Teachers shouldn’t forget to be students.  Theoretically we know we are all students and our students are our teacher and all that business but we really need to go TAKE CLASS.

3.  Leaving Voice Mails

That’s right.  Picking  up the phone and calling a friend.  Not texting, or facebooking (is that a verb?) but hoping to get a heartbeat on the other end.  Leave a message, don’t hang up – let your friend know you tried.   In case you are wondering, there’s a great resource on how to be cool on Facebook.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

3 Things that are NOT working for me.

1.  Naps

Don’t do it.  They leave you drained and wanting more.  I have enough fatigue in my life I don’t need to encourage more.  Plus avoiding the pull of the poppies may help my insomnia.

2.  Giving up my daily wine. 

What’s the point?  One or two a day never sent anyone to Betty Ford.

3.  Putting up with every silly person in my life.

You needn’t waste your time on people who don’t life you up or at the very least support you.  Be nice.  But don’t invest.  I have invested far too much in dead ends.  So no I am discerning and loving and protecting myself.



The Sunrise Ruby (excerpt)

Work. Keep digging your well.

Don’t think about getting off from work.

Water is there somewhere.

— Rumi

Where do you find your water? I am going to roll around in a lot of it next week.  Catch you on the flip side…

2 thoughts on “3 things that are working for me.

  1. Enjoy your week. I think right now some of us are just plain ol’ tired and ready for a big break. Take it, relish every moment and I cannot wait to hear all about it when we are back in the same state. Suz

  2. I will call you out on the issue of naps. Naps are the best, if done correctly. I come from a long line of nappers and have cultivated the proper technique. In all things, practice makes perfect.

    This is the first year since we moved to VA that we could do as Virginians do and rent a house at the beach in NC. I grew up in NC and we chose the beach where I spend many summer days as a kid. We had a wonderful time, I got caught up with my BFF who still lives down there, and we were joined for a few days by family. It was perfect. Enjoy the beach! There is no better way to recharge your batteries than by listening to the heartbeat of the earth.

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