Rocky Mountain High

I made it.  I came home in one piece – at least on the outside – from my Girl’s Adventure Weekend, brilliantly orchestrated by my new buddy Maureen Moslow-Benway.  Here is the group of crazies that gathered for the excursion.

Among us are:  Adventure Racers Extraordinaire, Professors, Business owners, homeschoolers, moms, massage therapists, engineers, special agents, yoga instructors, physical therapists, Division I college athletes, published authors, Master Naturalists, podium dwellers (race-placers) basically – a bunch of heavy hitters in life.  I was among some impressive goddesses. 

Here was the official agenda:

  • Climb a mountain
  • Eat pasta
  • Mountain Bike
  • Yoga
  • More beautiful food/drink
  • Hike
  • Clean/leave

Here’s what happened:

  • Attempt to climb a mountain.  Have panic attack, veer from said agenda item and hike solo for 2 hours talking to Jesus.
  • Read and await the real women to finish the climb.
  • Have a beer with guides. (who look young enough to be our sons but cool enough to hang with the chix).
  • Prepare, eat pasta, lick wounds from holes left by ego.
  • Sleep, arise, hope you can hang with some major sponsored mountain biking monsters (nice ones) when you just got your bike in April and your cracked rib is resting under your cracked heart.
  • Learn much about self and surrendering your needs to your new friends.  Hike/Bike through trails with rocks as big as a baby’s head. 
  • Find new and fabulous friend to drink beer with at coolest pub in Canaan Valley, WVA.  Fall in love with bike again – be incredulous at the awesomeness of humanity evident in new and budding friendships – even at (gasp!!) almost 45.
  • Return to mountain house to lead a short yoga practice to loving and willing participants.  Sweet Jesus, do I love my mat!  Thank you one and all for the opportunity to teach.
  • Become amazed at the connections woven through an amazing group and become alive again stripped of ego and expectations.  We are sisters, one and all.
  • Sleep like the rocks I attempted to maneuver over on the trails earlier in the day.
  • Hike 8 or 9 miles through about 6 ecosystems with knowledgeable environmentalists and fun as sh*t people.

Here I am sizing up the mountain were we to climb.

I was scared sh*tless.  So much so I bid farewell to my siblings before I left with this email whose subject line was “A note from your batsh*t crazy sister”:

Most of you know tomorrow I am going here:

to do this:

This girl who can’t drive across the Tappahannock Bridge without therapy or a call to/from Grace is climbing a mountain and walking across the highest pedestrian bridge in North America.  Why??  Not sure except Why not??

I am already losing sleep and my morbid fear of heights in high gear.

I had to ask the guide when I signed up if anyone had every died doing this and he said “Yes”.  (But is was a crazy group that attempted the climb at night without a guide.  So I am actually very, very safe.)

I am fairly certain God is not going to take me this way but just in case you MUST KNOW how much I love you all.

WHEN I come home on Sunday – I will deny ever having written this batsh*t crazy note.

But I still love you all with every bit of me.  THAT I won’t deny.

Oh, and did I mention I have a severely bruised if not cracked rib from mountain biking.  I am so cool.

I should remember I managed to climb 16 million feet in the air before my heart palpitations got the best of me and I veered off at the first available escape route.  I am not ashamed, I know I did the right thing – I left nothing on that mountain except a huge ego stain.  I think I bit off a little more than I could chew. 

The weekend was amazing in a trillion ways.  I can’t wait for next time.  I’ll be a little more seasoned and a little less scared and a lot more grateful for being alive at this time in this space in this moment

Sounds like yoga.  I’m back to square one.  How sweet it is. 

I survived with even more love in my life.  Inspired to live more passionately and to get into big time, kickass shape – on the inside and out. 


I love these women, everyone (plus the 6 not pictured)!

Ever been high as the Rockies?  (legally, that is.)


One thought on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. Whatever kind of crazy you are, it and your stories enrich my soul and make me smile. Good for you, my crazy friend. Glad you are home safely too.

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