Unearthing and 2 not-to-miss moments

I can hear it now.

Dig, dig, dig!

Screams the coach as the batter gives it all he has to make it to the bag at first before the ball he smacked makes it in the opponent’s glove.

Steve Sax, LA Dodger. Source: MLBlogs

Being told to dig implies there’s something there to find. 

My 15-year-old son is a left-handed pitcher and first-baseman with a strong build without speed (he claims) in is wheelhouse.  The coach tells him to dig as passionately as he does the sprinters on the team blessed with quick-twitch muscle fibers.  You know why?  It is there.  We tell ourselves what we tell ourselves.  We are so much more than we think.  It’s in there.

cc by M0les

We must dust off the layers, dig through the piles of god-knows-what we think or have been told and find the sweet spot.  You won’t always beat the ball to first but you must believe you can.  Dig, dig, dig.  Today could be your day to unearth the fossil that attracts news crew attention or maybe the light inside your wheelhouse to see more of the treasures inside.  Six weeks ago my son ran a 5k in 27:04.  Not bad.  I dig it.

So I had a text conversation with my sister about my upcoming adventure to Nelson Rocks.  I told her how nervous I was – how I didn’t want to die and but needed to try this via ferrata mountain climbing experience because I have big dreams but am generally a hesitant person.  I think and talk and believe awesome but I just do okay.  I told her I was going to come home a changed person. 

Here’s what she said:

So awesome! AND you are not coming out of there a “changed woman”.  That big ole rock is just the stage that allows your inner strength and courage to manifest itself and PERFORM!!!

And I responded with:

Yes!  Bring to the surface what’s already there.  I like it!!

I am lucky to have a sister like her.

Friends, dig out your calendars and mark these 2 moments:

1.  Friday, June 21, 2013 – Summer Solstice

8 or 108 Sun Salutations.  Dig. You can do it.  Thousands of others will be.

2.  July 14, 2013 – Pema Chodron’s 77th Birthday

Join thousands for the practicing peace birthday retreat.  It’s cool and doesn’t even take much digging.

I’ve been practicing not dying:


See you on the flip side.


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