Mariah Carey made me touch you

I am from a family of huggers on my Mother’s side.  When my aunt met her brother’s future in-laws she said:

“They are the huggingest bunch of people I’ve ever met”

It’s true.  I inherited the trait and I NEVER EVER LET GO FIRST.  The human puzzle pieces fitting nicely together in a cushy seal of tender connection and protection.  I love it.  Born 6 weeks prematurely back in 1968 at only 3. 5 pounds – by emergency C-section to the bravest woman on the planet, I wonder if I crave touch so much because my very life in the very beginning depended on it.  My Dad said he could fit all of me ‘the whole works’ in the palm of his hand when I was minutes to hours to days and weeks old.


I had to stay in the hospital for 3 weeks to GAIN up to 5 five pounds and MAINTAIN it for 24 hours.  See, I was petite once.  But I am an overachiever – I gained and maintained to beat the band. I blossomed into a 5 ft. 7 in. yoga teacher who runs and depending on the day considers the entering the Athena division.  (That’s a whole other post.)

Which brings me to this post, built a little like Mariah and dreaming a lot of being a soul-oozing, body groovin’ singing diva like my girl, I love her 2008 release, Touch My Body.


The lyrics are a little risqué, so muscle up or scroll down.  Either way, you get the drift.  This girl wants to be touched.

Touch my body
Put me on the floor
Wrestle me around
Play with me some more
Touch my body
Throw me on the bed
I just wanna make you feel
Like you never did

As a yoga student I long to be touched.  Inside, I scream:

Yank me.

Pull me.

Twist me.

Sit on me.

Stand on me.


I am sure not all preemies are like this but I wonder if, it has something to do with it.  Anyway, you might wonder why a hug-lovin’ former dancer who teaches yoga has trouble leaving her mat to touch her students –  in love to adjust and excavate proper alignment in the beautiful bodies before me. 

Because Mariah gets me moving, I added her to my playlist for training runs.  I am now regularly leaving the security of my mat to touch, whisper to, and encourage my students one on one even in the group as the greats (known and unknown) I have had the privilege of practicing with do so elegantly.  I don’t have that finesse yet, but I am gaining confidence to Touch Your Body, in the most non-intrusive but intentionally helpful way!  There is something so satisfying about the split second connection when a student releases a muscle and maybe a memory or postural bad habit right with me.  And in that  moment, we are of service together – moving toward vitality.



But, rest assured, I am also respectful of boundaries and hone my tuning fork to know, when not to touch too.

This is beautiful too!  Everyone in their own downward facing dog.  Swimming in personal vitality untouched, yet touching.


And so, thanks Mariah for the inspiration!  I bet there’s a lot of folk who would Touch Your Body.


Do you like hugs?

If you practice yoga, do like a touchy teacher?

Were you a preemie?

6 thoughts on “Mariah Carey made me touch you

  1. Yes, I love a touchy teacher, isn’t that part of the teacher’s role, adjusting, guiding and all that good stuff and I am not a preemie… your blog!

  2. I am not a touchy person. A friend used to joke that I have a very large panic bubble, and it’s true. If a person gets too close to me I do get a little nervous, and it makes no real difference if the person is someone I know well or have just met. I know that can be difficult for a touch oriented person to comprehend. It really isn’t personal, but it’s like I can feel another person’s energy buffeting against me, interfering with my own vibrations. Everything can get very mixed up and jangled when there are too many people too close to me (I hate shopping at Christmas). All that to say I have very mixed feeling about being adjusted in class. On the one hand, my yoga teacher has wonderful soothing hands that are like magic and can help me find my edge or a place of softness. On the other hand, gah! Intruder! I must be doing it wrong if she is adjusting me! So, yeah, people are weird (or at least I am).

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