This white girl got lost in the Blues

For a few weeks I have been caving.  My John Gray (Mars/Venus) inspired term for hiding out, noncommittal, as I evaluate things and reboot.  I have been lethargic and perhaps a little… wait for it… depressed.  For no good reason.  Though my life is far from perfect, I have my health, my faculties (though some may disagree) much love in my life and opportunity galore.  But for all this richness, all I could see were holes in my life.  (Miss you so much, Mom and Dad – and others I have lost) Cripes, what a fool I am!  Frustrating, annoying, seemingly unfounded or not – everyone goes through a spell every now and then.  Then, something astoundingly fabulous came at just the right time.  Besides the most rewarding and healing conversation I’ve had in a long time with my ‘move-a-body’ friend, Beththis white girl got lost in the Blues with him:


wait for it…..



Lyle Lovett and me

Have you heard his song ‘White Man Lost in the Blues’ from his new collection, Release Me?  If not, you must.

It goes something like this:

You bought you a six string Gibson
You bought you a great big house
You try to sing like Muddy Waters
And play like Lightnin’ sounds
But since I blowed my harp
You feelin’ mean and confused.
It got you chained to your earphones,
You just a white boy, lost in the blues

Brilliant.  Just brilliant.  Here’s how I got that arm candy above…

Great friend Peggy (writer/blogger, novelist), learns Clair loves Lyle – his music, his swagger, his style, his great big Texan heart.  Peggy is married to the son of a preacher man who changed 17 year-old Lyle back in Klein, TX in the 70’s.  Pastor Finck is a Lutheran shepherd leading an impressive flock to bigger, better things and is of service like we all should strive to be.  Lyle knows it and now I do to.  (Are you following?)  So this personal friend of the brilliance in the photo above in the not pink pants provided this clan with complimentary superb orchestra level center seats AND BACK STAGE PASSES for a show in Richmond, Virginia last week.  This cave dweller got invited (thank you, Lord and Lyle) and it was divine intervention.   When I tell you I am a changed person,

I ain’t lyin’ –

I ain’t blue anymore and

This Catholic yogi is going to hear Pastor Finck preach in his newest Lutheran Church in Chester, Virginia. I told you I was changed.  And I should be. 

I got this:


and another and another to celebrate Mother’s Day with.  Even if I miss my own.  Not blue.  I am tickled pink.  I wonder of this pink shirt would match my pink pants. 

What’s your big moment of clarity?

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