Yoga at the Boston Finish Line

Like so many of us, I am shocked and stunned by the terror at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  I am sick to my stomach over the grievous injuries sustained, life lost and shattered dreams caused by unfathomably dark human minds.  The fear left behind to ooze through the veins and psyche of innocents is a tragedy in and of it itself.  But one we can control.

We must not feed the fear.

We must not allow the darkness to shadow our light which is our birthright.

We must practice Yoga for the Boston Finish Line – I am a yogi and a runner and this seems like just the thing to do when we can’t think of a thing to do.

I have completed 2 marathons and am currently training for my 3rd.  I am not fast enough for the elites at Boston, not yet anyway.  (Take that, terrorist-from-hell – you just inspired me to work harder.)  I know what it takes and how it feels to make it to that spot in the race where the bomb went off.  I simply can’t imagine. 

I admire so much the elite athletes who qualify for the world’s most famous marathon.  I have friends in that crowd, one in particular who ran the 2011 race.  I expect to be her to be back in 2014.   Already we see the ‘can qualify’ turning to ‘will qualify’.  Light swallows dark no matter how grievous the bite.

News anchors and the heroes at Mass General have said the bombing has brought us closer together

Source:  Fox News

Runners, Americans, humans, first responders, caregivers  – connected by this awful, awful thing.  Rays of light extending out in a web of  love and empathy, compassion and the raw will to live. 

Particularly those of us who practice yoga, have a tender space for the concept of human connection.  We are each and all a part of a bigger whole, yoked by human experience and this practice of yoga, the methodical scientific pathway to deepening the human experience on both a visceral and spiritual level.  Taking our yoga off the mat fertilizes  and enriches the human experience with kindness and compassion in each moment that comes to us and will over and over and over again – well past the cheap, weak BOOM! on Monday.

Yoga, yokes us to our Basic Goodness, something we are each born with.  Even everyone on your sh*tlist.  Through yoga and running we can peel back the layers of our unique experiences and connect with that place the gem – diamond-like treasure of Basic Goodness.

I am reminded of the pose Vajrasana which is delightfully explored in Cyndi Lee’s book, May I be Happy.  In Sanskrit vajrasana means Diamond-like or Thunderbolt.  This is what it looks like:


Simple, mighty.  This pose helps you move your blood, and your energy, towards your upper body and head.  It helps reduce stress.  It clears the  mind and builds strength to enable connection to the Diamond-like quality inside, the treasure of Basic Goodness.  Something the perpetrators of Monday’s attack clearly did not have the capacity to do.  But we do and we will.  Over and over and over again.

It just occurred to me that some teachers also call this one hero-pose, aptly named for every runner and fan at the Boston Marathon this year and every year for all time.  I will take hero’s pose for even a second at the finish line of my next marathon in Miami to connect to everyone affected by this awful, awful act.  One day, maybe I’ll practice this yoga at the Boston Finish Line. 

Runner’s, yogi’s, you in?

One thought on “Yoga at the Boston Finish Line

  1. Beautiful post my friend. If we have seen one wonderful thing come out of this tragedy, it is how the human spirit of kindness and compassion comes out during something like this. For that I am grateful.

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