A different kind of 10k

If you live anywhere near the Eastern Seaboard, you have heard of the Monument Avenue 10k. This is the ultimate group run with 39,999 of your closest friends.  My husband and I have run this fun race for 5+ years mostly because it draws us from our semi-rural county to the historic city streets of Richmond, Virginia – city haunts from my single days.  I still fancy myself and my posse of friends like Ross and Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica and Joey.  (THAT will date me.)  Sorry Goochland die-hards, I am a city-girl at heart.

images[2] (2)

I fancy myself as Rachel – 3rd from left.  Good-hearted, a little flaky and neurotic – but that’s another post.


Here, I am second from left and closest to my wine.  See the resemblance?

The 2013 race was about just that.  Friends.  And family.  Ever trying to improve and in competition with myself, I am neurotic about my race times – as many runners are and yogi’s can be about their alignment and ability to hold a pose.   But this was a different kind of race.  It was all about the fellowship.  Kumbaya, My Lord.  Kumbaya.

We were united all of us – Larry, Megan, Amy, Mimi, Beth- by the desire to run in the beautiful sunshine cheerleading our offspring and friend’s offspring to the finish.  6.2 miles is a long way to go when you are 8 or 9 or 12 or 14 or 42 or 43 or 44.  And we all did it!!!

It was his first:


Left-handed pitcher and baseball player extraordinaire with a sheepish sense of being ‘slow’.  My son has tenacity and focus and a work ethic better than his mother.  I love him.

It was her second:


9 year-old and the youngest of 3.  Pulls at her Mom’s heartstrings everyday.  Spoiled.  Spoiled. Spoiled.

It was my 9th and I was off to have some fun:


I love Richmond, Virginia and all the graffiti and history of the city.

A great time was had by all.  My Jane said, (as she was high-fiving anyone who would during her last mile):

“Mom, I want to do this again next year and I want to do even better.”

I told her:

“Sure, as long as you don’t get neurotic.”

I’m following her:


After the race, she convinced me to get my first pedicure in 4 years.


I love her.  And Megan.  And Amy.  Andy Mimi.  And Larry.  And Beth.  And all my friends.  Want to meet at Central Perk?

Remember that?  It’s not on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia.  But there’s plenty of cool spots along the route.

Do you run with your children?

What’s your favorite coffee shop?

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