Wanted: Stories of complete indulgence

No skinny-down half-baked BS allowed.  

Tell me about how you listened to your heart’s desire and went for it.  I want to know about the trip you took, the degree you got, the class you signed up for, the jewelry you bought, the lobster you had flown in and the bike ride you took on the day you played hooky.  Tell me how you held  yourself in high regard and took care of yourself like you do everyone else.  Why?, you may ask.

I get inspired by a good (true) story. 

I am in my mid-forties and looking to live each day fully and without regret.  I know you are thinking there’s a mid-life crises going on over here.  Perhaps so, but I still  want to hear about your fun, your adventures your moment of clarity.  I am not necessarily interested in big purchases although I am not opposed to traveling exotically or redoing my kitchen.  I want to hear about the risks and leaps of faith you took, large and small.  I want to know why you did it, how you did it and about the aftermath.

I want to know about how and when and why you started saying ‘yes’ to your life.

It could be a simple healthy habit your added or a gross one you dropped.  Maybe you changed jobs or or took up a new hobby.

Indulge me, drop me a line at clairhnorman@aol.com.  Tell me if I am allowed to post about it.  I’ll keep your name a secret, I promise.

Please?  I’ll be here waiting with my dog.


photo (1)

Or taking them to practice:


Or her wherever she wants (spoiled!!)



No skinny-down half-baked BS allowed.

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