The pretty little course from hell

No one would ever think of Williamsburg, Virginia as hilly.  It’s 59.2 miles from the flat  Virginia Beach Oceanfront.  I am here to tell you this little patch of mother earth is full of curves –  ups and downs that never let up.  Although there were a couple of handsome hills, mostly the wear on my legs was the constant roll of the pretty little course from hell.  

At the finish, I think I look like a serial killer.


My buddy, Larry and I started out happy enough.

photo (1)

The course even wore him out hey says.  But he posted a much better time.  No surprise there.  He is a very patient training friend.  I felt strong going in but not coming out.  I held a 9:45 pace until mile 6.  Speed isn’t my strong suit, stick-to-itiveness is.  I was okay with that.  But by then I was hungry and angry and had to start digging already.  I knew I would finish.  I just knew it would be hard.  And it was.  Here are the survivors doing what we came to do.


I don’t even like beer.  But anyone who tells you the best beer of your life is not after a race is lying.  The carbs, the fizz.  Heaven.

Good things about the Colonial Williamsburg Half Marathon:

  • Running with my friend Larry
  • Having his wife and my dear friend, Megan there for support and the use of her hot red jacket at the start
  • the beer (did I already mention that?)
  • Finishing inside William and Mary Hall
  • Finishing
  • The lovely little wooden bridge path in the marshy woods
  • running a piece of the Colonial Parkway
  • Location.  I love Williamsburg.
  • The finish
  • the beer.  (sorry, obsessed.)

Not so good things about the race:

  • poorly spaced water stops
  • not much crowd support  I love every single spectator that showed up.  THANKS!
  • the constant hills
  • not even one band on the course
  • my time (a new low)
  • the hills

I am super happy to have done this one.  Number 8 is down.  Would I do it again?  Sure, now that I know what to expect.  It’s close to where I live and it’s challenging and it’s a pretty little course from hell.

I taught 2 yoga classes the next day.  It was almost as good as the beer.  But not quite.  (gasp, did I say that?!?!?)  I still want to marry yoga.  I like this little threesome we have going with running.

Up next:  Tons of Yoga, Spring Half (undecided), summer training for Miami Full, Fall Half (probably Richmond).  Lots of fun and maybe a little beer.

What’s up next for you?

7 thoughts on “The pretty little course from hell

  1. Yay for you finishing a tough race! No matter how many halves (halfs?) I run, I always wonder why I signed up around mile 8. I had seriously considered this race as a possible for this year, but it is a little far from me in Northern Virginia and would require an overnight stay, which is not ideal right now. I am running the Reston Half at the end of March, and the Nike Women’s Half (Yes, I coughed up the exorbitant fee just for a Tiffany necklace. Don’t judge.) in April. Reston will be hilly and hard, so I am not expecting a super time there. I am hoping to break 2 hours at at the Nike half. And I registered for the half in Richmond last year when the price was super low. That will help offset the hotel I will have to get. Maybe I’ll bump into you there!

  2. You go girl and that you did!!!!! Looks like you enjoyed yourself, and yes Yoga & Running RULE!!!!

  3. Clair I am just seeing this lovely write-up…you nailed it! Great description and you definitely hit on all of the important parts. I keep thinking “Who put all of those da*n hills in Williamsburg?!?!” It was great spending the afternoon running with you my friend. Meg really enjoyed it too (I think).

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