How to have more glue

One of my sister’s old boyfriends told her she was lacking in ‘sticktoitiveness’

Besides the fact that I wanted to punch him in the mouth for hurting her feelings, he couldn’t have been more wrong.  This is a woman who received academic scholarships to UVA, William and Mary, and VCU, danced up and down the East Coast, is an award winning sales expert with her own consulting firm and has run marathons and half marathons after brain surgery.  I call her my bootstrap sister.  She will always pull herself up, pressing on and keeping her eye on the prize.  One of her favorite expressions and now mine is:  Grip it and rip it.  Did I mention she’s gorgeous too?!?!  I’d prove it with a picture but she’s pretty private and all 2 of you (I love you) who visit me here at marrymeyoga may stop her on the street for an autograph after reading this brilliant piece. 

That clown was lacking in common sense.  Luckily he left the circle of trust.



My queen of an inspiration of a sister is rocking a cool life with a great guy and a equally talented family.  I love her.

The Urban Dictionary – that Bible of modern monikers, trending slang, and expressions that make you cool and/or raunchy defines sticktoitiveness  as the ability and determination to continue doing something despite difficulties. Attributed to either Thomas Edison or Albert McGeachy.  I’m sure glad Edison stuck with that light bulb thing.  You?

And so if you are like me, you well intended and positive at the start but start to question yourself when things get rough.  My first marathon was like that – a 5 hr and 22 minute bust.  At mile 21 I was ‘worthless’ and had ‘no business being there’ and despite many, many miles of training was ‘not a real runner’.  But I finished that sucker despite bronchial pneumonia (okay, some things are just stupid) and have gone on to run more races. 

Sometimes new endeavors, new projects and new approaches seem to slide away like water off a duck’s back killing the flame you’ve lit for yourself.  So where does one get more glue.  I’m talking gorilla glue:

Everyone is different but one thing is the same:  Change is good.  So if you are trying to change something like and do new things like:

  • adopt a new habit,
  • start or continue a yoga practice, 
  • organize your house
  • become a healthier cook
  • slow down and cultivate patience

There are things you can do to help yourself.

Speak it.  Invite someone who will support you and to whom you are willing to be accountable into your circle of trust.

Surround yourself with positive people in general.  Be kind to the duds but don’t invest your personal energy in that negative space.

Sit.  I swear this one works.  Start your day with some kind of centering ritual so the demands of your life don’t throw you off of your game from the get-go.


Don’t take yourself so seriously.  Life happens.  You won’t always do everything perfectly.  There will be a snow day – kids home from school and your grand plans are out the window (like today, for me).  It doesn’t suck (maybe a little).  But you get to see this:photo (3)

Laugh.  But not at the expense of others.  Karma is awfully fair, people.  Although this was funny, even my daughter thought so.


photo (1)

For the record, my Maggie was just trying to get comfortable.  Looks like my Jane’s head looked really appealing.

Set milestones.  Reward yourself and when the negative thoughts creep in.  Send them on their way.  They are the silent killer of your glue. 

You have what it takes. I do too.  My sister always has.  Look out.

Here we come.

If you don’t start believing I will make this song:

Don’t stop believin’
Hold on to the feelin’
Streetlights people
Don’t stop believin’
Hold on
Streetlight people
Don’t stop believin’
Hold on to the feelin’
Streetlights people

by these people:

your ring tone and call you every day to remind you.

Don’t believe me? 

Try me.

I’m related to that girl described above.  Now that’s glue.

Where do you get your glue?

3 thoughts on “How to have more glue

  1. Okay, you know my kids think I can fix any and everything with duck tape and gorilla glue…..and yes, I am going to stick with yoga but missed it today due to the school delay. You, my friend, are giving me the desire to have sticktoitiveness. Suz

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