Not that you give a rat’s ass..

I love Beth’s post about exercise vomit which is when people regurgitate their workouts all over the internet, Facebook, blogs and such.  (Guilty!)  Of course it was aaammmaaaazuhZING and you PR’ed and picked up an admirer at the gym.  Duh!  Happens to me all the time. 

Not possible.  Here’s what I looked like after this morning’s rainy run.

Clair rain run

You know you want to date me.

So this year I am all excited to really jumping into life.  Be present in every moment and make decisions count.  Here’s what I’ve decided running wise   (not that you give a rat’s ass):

Here’s what I’ve decided yoga-wise (not that you give a rat’s ass)

  • Incorporate a new facility into my teaching portfolio
  • Have yoga business cards made
  • Start cultivating clients for private yoga
  • Layout a plan for achieving my 500 hour certification (2014 goal)

Here’s what I’ve decided ADVENTURE-wise (not that you give a rat’s ass)

  • Bike more mountains.
  • Learn about, maybe do, a small (24 hr.) Adventure Race with new homey’s.
  • Go on an overnight adventure hike with my husband (sans kids) convince him to adopt a child bringing our brood to 4.  Doubtful on the second part but I love to aim high.

I have this little thing called a job that I must also maintain and progress in.  Anybody want to hire a part-time writer/PR consultant who isn’t afraid to run in the rain?

So for some of you this isn’t diddly squat.  For others you may think I am spreading myself awfully thin.  If you are her or her or her, or her you might think I’ve only just begun because you are my inspiration and my heroines and make me want to be all that i can be


Like the Army.  Now those are heroes.  And I know you give a rat’s ass. 

Mostly I want to be awake.




One thought on “Not that you give a rat’s ass..

  1. I love it! The running of course, but especially the yoga–that. is. big. Here’s to an adventure-filled 2013 and as far as the adoption goes…you just might find yourself with another four-legged friend! I can see it now.

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