One Direction: Stand for something

This post is not about the British boy-band my 12 year old daughter obsesses over.


I like the energy from their name.  Pick one direction, one path or a few but stand for something and make crap happen.

Do you struggle with making a big decision or how to spend your free time?  I am blessed and cursed with a renaissance woman’s heart.  So many interests, a general aptitude and a lack of focus for becoming a game changer in any one thing.  A jack-ass of all trades, I supposed I am.  But, wishy-washy is not a good word to hear you are.  Directed, disciplined, balanced, seeking, studying, weighing, pointed, and happy are better ones. 

A life pointed in one direction you choose…  ahhh to be an American!  How lucky are we?  We should not squander our time but make it count.

With 2013 among us and the pace of life at breakneck speed, it is increasingly difficult to take a moment and decide:

  • What matters to me?
  • How will I act on it?

I met a woman at an Ashtanga Yoga class on December 28 who could do this:


That’s me and not that impressive.  My new friend 70 YEARS OLD.

  • What matters to her?  Strength, balance, determination, and getting the most out of life.
  • How did she act on it?  She took up Yoga at aged 52 and hasn’t looked back.

I found myself wanting to be her and all the other people I admire.  Like:

  • Beth for her honesty and focus and athleticism and determination and balls out approach to her writing and her life.
  • Amy for her kind, gentle spirit, her strength and intelligence and seemingly endless list of talents.
  • Dawn for her happy hearted approach to life even when she asks the tough questions.
  • Megan for her kindness and loyalty and beauty and patience.
  • Maureen for being Maureen.

Just to name a very few.  I admire vegetarians, recovering alcoholics, Democrats and Republicans, Advocates, and all who act on their heart’s language.  And so I will write an action plan for the year.  First comes the mission statement (What matters to me?) and then the list of next steps.  (How will I act on it?)

Read Craig Ballantyne’s article, 12 Rules to Live by.  I dare you not to be inspired and take a stand on how to approach your life.  I hope it’s on your head in One Direction.

For me: More Yoga,  More Running, Less Sugar.  How about you?  What’s important to you?  What are you going to about it?

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