Law of Attraction

As the year comes to a close, I have been contemplating a return to simplicity and authenticity in all of my choices.  Getting rid of the junk that isn’t serving me, my loved ones, or the planet.  From my pantry to my frig to my calendar and my words, I am committed to making mindful choices in the coming months and year.  My dear friend Beth wrote a great post about adding More the This and Less of That in 2013.  It’s incredibly insightful and yet so simple.  Her list speaks to me and probably you too.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts. 

We hear a lot about Going Green in our food and textile choices.  But I have heard less about Green Thoughts.  I am very interested in this notion.  It isn’t new.  You may have read this popular book:

It got us thinking about watching our thoughts manifest in our circumstances.  From parking spaces, to phone calls, we have drawn what we desire to ourselves based on the foundation of this book.  But, I haven’t considered this life improvement, Clean Thoughts/Green Mind in this eco-friendly manner yet. 

  • Clean, unprocessed thoughts. 
  • Truth as it just is. 
  • Thoughts that are the essence of your own reality not questioned to death or morphed into something so not resembling their original form. 

Have you read the popular chicken nugget article by Organic Authority?    Somewhere up the chain it did start as chicken.  What in the world happened?  The same thing can happen to our thoughts and actions, start out one way and end up toxic.  Eww. 

We are not only what we eat, we are what we think – regardless of our circumstances.  My sister recently shared this with me:


It’s a great read and can be found at Barnes and Noble, among other newsstands.  I’m interested.  If I can positively impact my own life and others in a world that seems wildly out of control, I’m listening.  It seems, it may start upstairs – in the old noggin. 

And that brings me to yoga practice – surprise, surprise.  Yoga calls us to clear out the junk in our minds and body to make room for what is.  It is the ultimate ‘greening’ of our body.  Making vibrant and fresh what always was so.  

And so, I wish you the most full heart and clear mind over this holiday season.  Celebrate the very essence of life as you know it and how you purposefully imagine it to be. 


Happy Holidays from 3 of my many blessings!

It is Christmas Eve, here’s what’s on the docket:

  • Open House at one sister’s
  • Mass in walk able distance from her house
  • Desserts and new pajamas at another sister’s to wrap up the stretch of events
  • Return home to ready for the jolly Saint.

But first, I will run.  What are you doing today?

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