I am not referring to a body part

Hills and valleys.  Today, I mean this to be the ups and downs of life, not Marilyn Monroe’s topography, though she has an enviable landscape.  We all experience the views from the  mountaintop and the upward straining for light from the valley.  Last week, I experienced this quite literally.  I went mountain biking for the first time in a couple of years.  I don’t even think my other experiences count – one of which was a 19-mile downhill tour of Boulder County.  Yeah, that was challenging.  This was different.


Amy and I set out for another adventure with 2 veterans of the sport.


I’m not going to lie.  I was scared.  As much as I like to be out there and try new things, I am a very hesitant person.  At 44, I don’t like to drive at night or over mountains in a car.   Give me two wheels and some cool as sh*t friends and I’m all over those hills an valleys.


What a blast.   I learned I hauled my sturdy frame around this gorgeous land on my husband’s hybrid bike – no front end suspension and it is heavier than Marilyn’s hills.  And I still liked it.  My legs were toast by the end of the ride.  I have been contemplating a bike purchase for sometime. Now I am not sure If I want a mountain or road bike.  In Virginia, there is a lot of great mountain biking opportunity and yet I like the idea of distance on the road.  Just not sure.  My new friend said my frame was made for a mountain bike and I finally felt like my generous calves had a home and a purpose.

And as I recall with a happy heart that fun day last weekend, my heart is also heavy because Lucky the beloved companion of my beloved Beth is no longer with us.  And because a teacher at my children’s school was assaulted in the parking lot by an ex boyfriend and remains in the hospital.  And because so many suffer in the world.  These are the valley’s.  During which we remember the mountains.  And if we forget, roll out your mat and take Tadasana.

Mountain pose.

Though my mountains are a bit sea-level and I tried it on after a run, would you wear this dress to a party?


3 thoughts on “I am not referring to a body part

  1. Greetings,
    You look fab in that dress, but, won’t you be freezing???? Maybe, after a couple cocktails, not so.
    Yes, the hills and valleys of our lives, they sure can take us out of our centers, however, I’m learning and trying to ride the waves,(I love the ocean) a lot easier said then done. All this talk of nature; valleys, hills, waves, landscape, the great outdoors…….love it. Good for you trying the mountain biking, looked like great fun.

  2. Damn Lucky dog. He’s gonna miss humping his friend Clair and sniffing at the locked door when she is a prisoner in the basement. Oh how we love and miss him so!

    Was there a vet on your mountain bike ride? Just wondering.

    Dress looks great and very festive. Just don’t freeze your mountains off.

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