The Yoga of Bridesmaids

I see yoga everywhere.  Shocking, I know.  You probably didn’t realize how saturated the hit comedy, Bridesmaids, starring Kristin Wiig is with it.


I am allowed to have this opinion because I was was single until I was 29 and in 13 weddings before my own.  I got engaged 6 weeks after the first date with my  husband because, among other things – I wanted in.  During 12 of the 13 weddings, I didn’t even have a boyfriend so I can so understand the Bridesmaid’s perspective.  The Yoga of it is I didn’t trust life or ENOY THE MOMENT.  I didn’t live in the place where it’s okay to be single.  It’s okay to be married.  It’s okay to be happy, worried, scared, confident, lost, healthy or compromised.  No situation is better than another.  It just is.  Yoga teaches us that being where you are in life, fully present in the

Now is the bomb

Bridesmaids teaches us that one cannot easily sneak into first class during a flight.  I love Annie.  She’s recovering and searching and hoping and cute and funny and trying.  Everything I was and fancied myself to be during the Bridesmaid Chapter of my life. 

During the above scene, Annie is not afraid to be what she thinks she is.  Poor.  Poor of heart and wallet.  Yet, she is surrounded by friends who love her (offer her valium) and keep  her in check (intervene when necessary).  I STG this was my life.  And in many ways, still is.  Only now I’m married (same guy, it did work out!) but it wouldn’t matter if I were married or single.  We are loved.  Each of us.  And we should be relaxed and ready to party….

Source:  Tumblr 

There are so many more yoga moments in this movie – like when we learn the mousy sister-in-law to be is a powerful, rich FBI agent. 

Nothing is as it seems

Or when the rival bridesmaids learn to like each other.

Don’t judge.

Or the policeman suitor turns out to be Annie’s perfect prince. 

Everything you dream of is close at hand.

So many yoga nuggets, makes me want to make a weird face and pretend like I’m Annie.



If you haven’t seen that movie I know you think I am off my rocker.  If you read my last post, here’s the fasting  update.

I did it.  I fasted the day before Thanksgiving and started turkey Thursday of with warm lemon water.  It worked.  I did not over indulge and was a major wine lightweight.  Perfection.  The next day I took a Bikram Yoga class, dropped 40 pounds of water weight in the 107 degree room and am sore all over my spine.  Double perfection.  So welcome to the holidays.  Eat/detox.  Drink/detox.  Family dysfunction/detox or watch Bridesmaids.  Or take this approach:


It will make you strong.


Even amidst this hilarity:


And you will pass it along to  your daughter:


And she will enjoy being a bridesmaid 13 or 30 times.  Because you learned your lesson.

And life is complete.

Go ahead.  Start meditating.  I dare you.

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