How to find clarity in mashed potatoes

No forks allowed.  Fast before you feast.   Today is the day!  No forks or large chunky chewy food allowed.  Fast before you feast.  I promise it will make everything better. 

I usually don’t post this frequently – so I hope your inbox doesn’t annoy you today.  This one will be very short.  If you’ve had enough of marrymeyoga for a few days, take a fast from me – we can feast later.

I can across some super cool information about preparing for and enjoying the bounty of Thanksgiving without gut problems, arguments, hangovers and regrets (over the buckets of carbs you plan to ingest – you know you do!  admit it.)

Limit what you eat today to start off tomorrow right. Here are the deets:

Ayurveda 101: How to Feast

Source:  Cate Stillman, Yoga Healer

Thanksgiving is obviously all about the feast. The best way to feast is to fast before the feast.758px Bayeux feast01 300x237 How to Feast Ayurvedically

  1. Start your day with a thermos of hot water with lemon.
  2. See how long you can enjoyably last just on how water and lemon. Get in touch with the empty, clarifying effect. Let your deeper hunger awaken.
  3. If you start to feel uncomfortably hungry, make a quart of green smoothie in a blender, a green juice, or stewed apples. Then, return to hot water with lemon.
  4. Go for a walk with your people. Breathe. Be in nature. Move your body.
  5. When the feast is ready, pause. 

Pause. Rest in presence. Be grateful for bounty.

Absorb the bounty with all 5 of senses.

    • Drink in the aromas.
    • Hear the chatter and excitement.
    • Feel the we-space between you all.
    • Receive the vibrant colors and textures on the table with your eyes.
    • Taste. Savor. Delight. Taste the love and the effort.

Eat with gratitude for our abundance. Eat the Earth’s abundance and celebrate the connection.

Sounds cool.  No forks for me today.  You in?

With love and gratitude,


8 thoughts on “How to find clarity in mashed potatoes

  1. Hi Clair,
    Just reading your post, THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING!!!!! But this is good stuff, and you could never post too frequently. Hope you had a Giving-Thanks Day! I did! And thanks!

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