Help me out of this mess

I am in a rotten mood.  I felt tired while I was still asleep last night.  Never mind the wine and Butterfingers I had for Halloween dinner, and All Saint’s Day breakfast, and…  (I’m ashamed).  Given my demeanor all day, I had to ask myself:

Can junk food make you mean? An interesting new study from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine says yes. Researchers studied the diets and behaviors of nearly 1,000 men and women and found that a higher intake of trans fat was significantly tied to an increase in aggression and irritability. – Shape Magazine

Forget my perfectionist attitude with nutritional discipline, my poor body image and the ‘fat gene’ I seem to fight, I am just loaded with crap in my system and therefore I have a crap attitude.

Most people realize nowadays that avoiding refined sugar – present by the bucket loads in my 9-year-old’s pumpkin pale – is a good thing.  Why, you ask, when you rationalize that:  I never do this.  I ran today.  It’s once a year… should you stay away from it?

The brief spike (energy and elevated blood sugar), followed by a crash (after insulin moves in to clear the sugar from your blood), can trigger mood swings, headaches, and irritability.


I doubt overdosing on M&M’s can be a legit excuse for clocking the fool whole stole the parking space you’ve been stalking but it might explain why I:

  • ignored my colleague for asking me one too many times: you follow me? 

No, lameass I’m too stupid to understand your brilliant self.

  • yelled (actually screamed like a crazed heroin addict without a fix) at my son for skateboarding in his room

Sure, it was a lameass decision on his part – but really, did I have to bulge out the neck vein while telling him to stop?

  • contemplated not fixing dinner at all for my children because I’d rather ‘take to the bed’.

This still sounds like a marvelous option.

There’s a wonderful book called:


that touts the diet adjustments and vitamin supplements as the cure for emotional swings.  I might add another tool:


It’s hard for me to roll out my yoga mat when I am feel fat and greasy and loaded with sweet carbs but it’s better than eating more or drinking or lashing out at family and friends.  This is my safe haven, where I can be myself and no one cares if I carb loaded or not, I can go inside myself and reboot.  I do remind myself of this:


And that’s what I set out to do today.  To build strength and believe in my own potential.  I find it so easy to shine a light on others, I can see so clearly the beauty in front my eyes, just not always behind them.  Lameass.  I need mat and my zafu:


The butt pillow for royalty.  A Zen meditation cushion to  help us reclaim our majestic birthright.  At least that’s what Buddha says.  I’m drinking his sugar-free green tea kool-aid this weekend with Amy.  Detoxing my mood.  Look out!

What’s your mood cure? 

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