Sandy hooked

My friend, Amy and I promised to share our Zen journey to the quiet magic of peace and fullness by way of stillness.  It’s not easy for these 2 mother runners of 3 (each) with traveling husbands and jobs to actually  be still.  Ever.  But we hold as important our Daily Life and the sweet connection to All.  Prompted by our experience in Washington, D.C. just 7 days ago – we are committed as seekers to sitting both together and in solitude to connect to the rhythm of the mysterious.  And, something Good is happening here – I tell you.  Here we are starting our journey at Lil Om studio where we listened to Karen Maezen Miller and the magic of the room.


                                         000_2316                                        000_2317

                                             Amy, out of the gate                                                           Me, ready to roll


Though our posts will contain references and accounts about this beautiful practice and transformative process – it’s not all there is (actually it is).  BUT, there are many, many things to wax poetic about: there’s a hurricane going on folks, and knitting and yoga and races and slack lines, and recipes and profanity, P Diddy, Jo Lo, Ellen, Katie, 2 Chains, puberty, and much hilarity and levity.  So, though I am drunk with enthusiasm over Zen meditation:


Yoga, will you still marry me? 

Legs, will you take me 13.1 miles in 2 weeks?, (I know, Beth – just ‘Shut Up and Run’) And…

Butt pillow, will you go with me in my pajamas to sit with Amy early on Saturday morning?


Yes!  She said.

And so we did. What a cool thing.  I left the catacomb of my abode with my Zen timer app,  The Book of Awakening, and a hit of coffee.  Sweet Amy was waiting – candle lit, her own beloved book – Start Where You Are by Pema Chodran waiting, and mind open.  Perfection.  (BTW, she was practicing for her foot model shoot – I think she’s got it.)


For 15 minutes, we sat.  Stomachs churning, minds racing, insecurities broiling, worries amplified and a hurricane slapping against the window.  But we did it.  We sat still.  Nothing short of miraculous.  Hooked.

We are led to this, I am convinced by Something Else.  A Loving Benevolence that is bigger and more beautiful than my skill as a writer.  So with that I pray to that Benevolent God to protect and keep well those in the path of Sandy

My own community in Virginia is just on the outskirts of this monster and our schools are closed.  I pray for peace and stillness amidst the great activity of the Storm of the Century.  May you find peace within you always and marvel at the eye of the storm.  Look back at Sandy, for she will pass soon.  Afterwards I will be sitting and waiting for your powerful stillness. 

How are you affected by Sandy?  They say 1 in 4 Americans will be…

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