How will I tell my husband?

You are invited to our Party of 2.  Something profound is happening here.  I am intrigued and attracted and open and hopeful.  And I want you to come along for the ride.  Let’s make this a party of plenty.

But how will I tell my husband about the magnetic pull I am experiencing?  I can’t say no – I’ve been wanting to scream YES! my whole life. 

  • Yes! to the God that is as near as the breath.
  • Yes! to the life I have. 
  • Yes! to everything that is right here.


And it’s enough.  It’s moving and beautiful and profound and I may end up with hair like this:



Source:  New World Library

Isn’t she beyond beautiful?  Karen Maezen Miller, author, Zen Buddhist Priest and inspiration for my newest ‘who-knows-where-we-are-going-but-I-sure-like-the-ride’ pursuit.   You should hear her speak.  Amy and I did.  Lucky us.


Amy (L) and me at Lil Omm Studio in Washington, D. C.

My amazing friend and fellow seeker and I attended a meditation workshop led by one of our favorite authors.  I am new to this fold of Hand Wash Cold followers but I am bolted to the bandwagon.



Buy it, borrow it (email me and I will loan you my copy).  Read it.  Come on in.  The water’s gloriously warm.

I will never be able to express what happened in that warm and cozy yoga studio just off M Street in Washington, D. C.  I can only say that God’s love was so rich it was palpable.  Our humanity was so humbled by the beauty that was suddenly unveiled in simple stillness that tears sprung in many a’ eye.  And we didn’t do anything.  Nothing.  Karen openly expressed her non-plan for the afternoon.  She was only going to tell a story and share some tools that had been handed down for 81 generations.  81!!  All walks of life – varied ages, sizes, shapes, ethnicities all joined during a lovely fall afternoon by our common conduit to Life.  The breath – the most intimate and abundant expression and connection to Life.  God’s generosity was bafflingly apparent. God is kind. He will show up to any party if you simply allow his amazing presence to connect to your beautiful beginning. Your breath.

All. You. Have.To. Do. Is. Sit. And. Listen.

And so what’s next?  Amy and I will sit daily in the way we sat on Sunday.  We will begin a practice of sitting – together, separately, in community.  Always with God.  We will share, question, enjoy, relate and invite you to come along. 

As far as the question; “How will I tell my husband?”  He knows he married a seeker – in his own way he is too.  I don’t have to tell him much, just fill him in on the details.  And like everything else, as long as we are breathing, that’s enough.

My new morning trinket:

000_2318  Sitting pretty.

Will you sit with us?

3 thoughts on “How will I tell my husband?

  1. I really wanted to go to this workshop! I really did. I read Amy’s blog entry too and found out you are from around Richmond, and so am I. Do you think we could have Karen come here?? I have wanted to bring her to Richmond for a long time, and once I emailed her, and if her procedures have not changed that much, it’s totally doable. Anyway–if you’d ever like to invite her here, let me know. I would help out. I was so happy to see how much you liked the workshop. I’ve been sitting for the last several months –near daily-but only for 10 minutes a day. It’s such a little amount of time, but I’m getting a lot out of it–strangely enough.


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