Hair of the dog

I have had a few hangovers in my life, but not too many.  I am not a big drinker because I can hardly handle my life completely clear-headed.  (If you know me, stop rolling your eyes.  I may have a little wine often, but it’s always – umm usually – a little.)  A hangover just makes me feel like I am moving through marshmallows.  Slow, stretchy, sticky.  No zing.  No zest.  I have had  a number of non-alcoholic hangovers, however.  Leftovers from intense experiences, like the one at my yoga workshop last weekend. 

Here’s my 12-step recovery program from the week:

(P. S.:  It worked and I’m ready to party again.)

1.  Drive home talking to your bestie the whole way, dissecting, analyzing, diluting and intensifying just about every thought that enters your head.  Get lost.  Hang up.  Get back on track and dial again.

2.  Kiss your children when you get home and start vacuuming.   Always helps.



3.  Organize the house/laundry.

4.  Just look around.  So much.  Right.  Here.

5.  Go to a Monastery and stare at the stained glass.

I really went here the next day.

6.  Back up the truck.  Just breathe.  Be.  It’s enough.

7.  Take a walk with a good friend while your child takes a gymnastics class and sort it all out.  Again.  Learn that nothing needs fixing.

8.  Teach a yoga class.

9.  Start a new book.

10.  Ride your bike.

11.  Run.

12.  TAKE AN ASHTANGA YOGA CLASS,  the one your were afraid of, the hair of the dog.

Now, isn’t that better?

Need a customized 12-step program?  I’ve got  your back.

Have a fun weekend!  Get drunk on life.

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