Forty-four, Fish, and a Rooftop Pool


That’s how old I turned this week.  I celebrated with my daughter who shares my birthday and turned 9.  I ‘d rather be 44 but she makes 9 look awfully good.  I love her so.  And she’s way cool.

Home-girl, Jane

To celebrate my 45th year of life I registered for my very first overnight Yoga workshop.  I will be attending the Mysore intensive at Ashtanga Yoga in the Outer Banks of North Carolina in late September.  I am thrilled beyond words.  4 nights.  Yoga.  A perfect blend of solitude and community.  Practice.  Theory.  Sutras.  BLISS.

To celebrate my youngest child’s 10th year of life, she received clothes, games, books, and a sleepover with 2 other 9 year-old sweetie pies that included swimming, pizza, movies and jewelry-making.  9-year-old BLISS.


During our birthday trip to Virginia Beach, Jane discovered she was a fish and I discovered there should be Water Yoga.  It might be known as synchronized swimming.  Take a look at this 3-legged dog – adho mukha svasana.


Jane was super fearless in the ocean.  She not only faced crashing waves but ran toward them and hoped for a doozy.  She jumped and played and swam so hard she was sore the next day.  I loved that she enjoyed her body and mobility in the beautiful ocean.  Totally in the moment.  Utter joy.  It was water yoga.

Rooftop Pool

We started our birthday off here.  It didn’t suck.

Sky Bar, 31st Street Hilton

It’s tough, but somebody has to do it.  We did tricks in the water, swam laps, jumped up and down and loved the feeling of the sun warming our skin.  Yes, another session of water yoga.  Life is truly grand.

I love birthday’s like I love New Year’s Day.  Life feels fresh and full of possibility.  I dream of more yoga and more teaching of yoga and more writing about yoga and more travel.  I dream of peace and faith and joy.  I start my next year off taking steps to make it happen.

Would you join me?

Thanks for reading my post.  It’s a wonderful birthday gift.

How do you feel about birthday’s?

2 thoughts on “Forty-four, Fish, and a Rooftop Pool

  1. I’m sure Maggie had a blast at Jane’s sleepover last night.
    You and Jane had a perfect birthday celebration. Can’t wait to hear all about your big yoga getaway. Perfect gift!!
    Here’s to another great year knowing 2 of my favorite people. You all are such a blessing in our lives.

  2. Honestly, last night was one the most enriching conversations I have had in a while. I knwo schedules are tricky, but I’d love to do it again!

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